Feelgood Treat Company Expands Its Product Line With the Help of Sage Simply Accounting

Business Management Solution Provides Insight Allowing the Luxury Pet Treat Maker to Streamline Production for Improved Efficiency and More Accurate Market Offerings

RICHMOND, BC--(Marketwire - Sep 18, 2012) - Sage North America announced today that Feelgood® Treat Company Ltd (Feelgood), maker of a full line of super premium dry and frozen treats for cats, dogs and horses, has launched six new products while also streamlining its product offerings with the assistance of Sage Simply Accounting (becoming Sage 50 Accounting-Canadian Edition). Sage Simply Accounting has helped Canadian small to midsized businesses speed up their operations, improve work flow and more efficiently handle accounting procedures for more than 25 years.

Established in North Vancouver, B.C., in 1999, Feelgood handcrafts high-quality human-grade, all-natural and organic pet treats. When Feelgood underwent a change of ownership in 2009, new owners Mark and Jill Redman found that the company's accounting software was antiquated and needed to be updated. Updating the existing software would've required a significant investment. After consulting with several accountants, the Redmans decided to invest in Sage Simply Accounting instead.

"We have big goals for Feelgood and to achieve them, we need an accounting system that will not only do the accounting and keep us compliant with Canada Revenue Services, but also deliver the business insight we need to help us grow and be flexible enough to grow with us. Sage Simply Accounting was the answer for us," said Mark Redman. "It's the data that Sage Simply Accounting delivers that has allowed Feelgood to expand from being a single treat offering at one store to being able to produce more than 25 different treats available in more than 950 stores across Canada and the United States."

This summer alone, Feelgood underwent major changes with the launch of six new products and the streamlining of its current product line. Sage Simply Accounting played a significant role in this process.

"The reports functions within Sage Simply Accounting allow us to quickly understand the cost of goods, margin and velocity for each type and size of product Feelgood offers," said Mark Redman. "This has been essential in helping us develop the new product offerings, particularly in identifying the ideal set of flavours, package sizes and price points. Once the new products are finalized, Sage Simply Accounting makes it easy to create new products and pricing for each line within the system. The time frame for each launch was largely driven by the data presented in Sage Simply Accounting."

While Sage Simply Accounting has helped the company introduce several new lines in the correct time frames, it has also allowed Feelgood to ascertain which SKUs (products and sizes) aren't performing. Using Sage Simply Accounting, Feelgood can also analyze the cost of goods sold and the operating cost for the business, as well as understand the variable costs for creating a product. By being able to identify which products and sizes are most popular, Feelgood was able to reduce costs, streamline their production process to better meet the market demand and improve profitability.

"Sage Simply Accounting provides Feelgood with accurate and up to the minute reporting in all categories," said Jill Redman. "From better understanding sales trends to controlling our costs and margins, Sage Simply Accounting makes it easier for Feelgood to develop new products and offer better pricing and margins for our customers. The ability to access such critical knowledge has been instrumental in Feelgood's growth and maturity process particularly during this year of expansion."

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