LetsListen Brings Group Listening and SoundCloud to Google+ Hangouts

Music Fans Can Now Use LetsListen Google+ Hangouts App to Access Millions of Free Tracks via SoundCloud With First True Social Cloud Music Locker

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 19, 2012) - LetsListen, (www.letslisten.com) the first true social music locker that lets users store music in the cloud, play it back anywhere and listen together with friends in real-time, today unveiled two new features, including its new Google+ Hangouts app allowing users to listen and share music together face-to-face, and full integration with SoundCloud giving instant access to millions of free tracks. Users can view the functionality in a video or take a tour at letslisten.com/tour.

With LetsListen, users can store and play their music library online and then notify their friends via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to join their room where everyone hears the same music at the same time. And, just like a real party, guests can suggest what songs they'd like to hear next, they can give the DJ songs from their own collection, and chat with anyone in the room all while everyone hears the same music at the same time.

"Users can create their own rooms, drop in on friends rooms, or just explore public rooms to find new music and cool people," said founder Cole Flournoy. "They can sit in and listen with others in the room, share some of their own music, suggest songs to the room owner, or start their own room where they have complete control over what plays and if other people can enter. LetsListen also gives users full access to listen to their music library privately, as is typical with standard music lockers."

SoundCloud Search Integration lets users build their LetsListen library with millions of free tracks from SoundCloud and listen to those tracks together with friends in real-time. The new LetsListen for Google+ Hangouts app lets users listen and share music together face-to-face with up to 10 friends on a Google+ Hangouts group video chat and explore LetsListen rooms together.

About LetsListen
The San Francisco based boot-strapped startup has everything users have come to expect from music lockers like Amazon Cloud Player and Google Play, but with additional real-time social components that lets users interact and listen together. Unlike other group listening services, LetsListen is a fully functional cloud music locker allowing users the choice to listen their music privately or publically. And, because it's fully integrated with SoundCloud, people can choose from millions of free tracks -- including by new and emerging artists -- all in addition to their personal stash of music uploaded to LetsListen. In short, it's the best of all worlds.

LetsListen screen capture