Tampa Bay Cataract Surgeon Introduces New LipiFlow System for Dry Eye Syndrome

TAMPA, FL--(Marketwire - Sep 19, 2012) -  Dry eye syndrome is a common ailment affecting individuals everywhere. Many people suffer from dry eyes without recognizing the symptoms and often continue to experience irritation and discomfort without taking action. Tampa Bay cataract surgeon Dr. Michael H. Manning and Gulfcoast Eye Care have recently introduced an advanced technology called LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation Therapy into their practice. Designed to alleviate the negative effects of dry eyes, Dr. Manning says the state-of-the-art LipiFlow system can benefit the majority of people suffering from dry eyes, and he is excited for the opportunity to provide the community with such a safe and effective eye care treatment.

Often under-diagnosed and confused with other eye problems such as allergies, dry eye syndrome can result from an oil deficiency or increased tear evaporation, among other causes. LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation Therapy uses direct energy (gentle heat and occasional pressure) to unblock glands in the eyelid that have become congested over time. Once clear, the moisture-producing glands can function properly and often alleviate dry eye issues. Dr. Manning says the dry eye treatment generally lasts about 12 minutes and can easily be performed right in the office. He also adds that studies have shown results to be much more effective than common remedies like eye drops and tear replacement ointments.

Dr. Manning's Tampa Bay eye care practice is the first ophthalmology center in Florida to offer the LipiFlow technology. In an effort to share his expertise on this subject, Dr. Manning will be speaking about the new technique at a dry eye symposium in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on September 29th, 2012. He says the goal of the symposium is to inform other eye care professionals about the LipiFlow technology and help them implement dry eye treatments into their practices. Additionally, Dr. Manning will be hosting a seminar -- including a live demonstration of the LipiFlow treatment -- at his Palm Harbor office on Tuesday, October 9th at 6:30 PM for local area optometrists to learn more about LipiFlow and other innovations in dry eye treatment.

As an eye surgeon devoted to patients' well-being, Dr. Manning says he strives to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the field of ophthalmology and spread his knowledge to optimize care for the community. He adds that the introduction of LipiFlow to his practice aligns with his center's overall goals and enables him to successfully treat and prevent the root cause of dry eyes.

Regardless of the treatment patients undergo, Dr. Manning says they should always consult a qualified ophthalmologist, especially when interested in new technology such as the LipiFlow treatment. As a board-certified ophthalmologist, he says qualified eye doctors have the extensive education and training necessary to provide the safest, most ethical procedures, and achieve patient goals. Additionally, Dr. Manning says he hopes the addition of the new dry eye technology will help current and potential patients continue to view his practice as a leading center for eye care in Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg.

About Michael H. Manning, M.D., F.A.C.S.

After earning his medical degree from the University of South Florida College of Medicine, Dr. Michael Manning went on to complete his ophthalmology residency at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. He is well-respected in his field and known for his work in cataract surgery, refractive surgery, and cosmetic eyelid surgery. In 2010, Dr. Manning assumed leadership of Gulfcoast Eye Care and has since been devoted to enhancing patient care in the Tampa and St. Petersburg areas. He is a published medical author and is board-certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology.

Gulfcoast Eye Care is located in Palm Harbor at 2650 Tampa Rd Palm Harbor, FL 34684, and in Pinellas Park at 6036 Park Boulevard Pinellas Park, FL 33781. Both offices can be reached by phone at 727-346-8696. Dr. Manning can also be contacted online at gulfcoasteyecare.com and facebook.com/GulfcoastEyeCare.

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