SoundBite Enables Organizations to Efficiently Reach Consumers During Time Sensitive Product Recalls

Proactive Multi-Channel Communications Enables Rapid Notifications of Recalls via Preferred Channels

Bedford, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

BEDFORD, Mass., Oct. 4, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SoundBite Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:SDBT) today announced that it is working with a number of organizations on time-critical product recalls. While many companies notify consumers of recalls via postal mail, there are options to use more immediate channels, such as voice, text and email messages to enable quicker and less expensive recall communications. Leveraging consumers' preferred channels is another way to make recall communications more impactful while increasing the chances that these critical messages are received in a timely fashion.

"Recalls are too important to stay grounded in direct mail notifications. Days are lost as notifications go through the mail, and they could be thrown away without ever being read," said Mark Friedman, general manager, mobile services business unit and chief marketing & business development officer. "Organizations and companies that capture critical consumer contact information to build opt-in alert programs can now use SoundBite to quickly reach out to those constituents and notify them of recalled products. Utilizing faster and more personalized delivery methods helps to minimize health or danger concerns and is appreciated by all stakeholders."

One example of when it's imperative to reach consumers quickly is when food products are concerned. In the supermarket industry, where recalls can have a more immediate health impact, one nationwide chain uses SoundBite to reach their consumers quickly for products recalls. By implementing an automated voice message to reach their affected consumers during a recall, this national chain can quickly deliver vital information and ensure high levels of consumer awareness while also receiving reports on successful notifications.

A Comprehensive Recall Communications Solution

In 2011 there were more than 400 Class I product recalls, according to the FDA. Product recalls are not limited to food, and include drug and medical products, household items and vehicle recalls. Recalls can be triggered by contamination, undeclared ingredients, quality control on imported items, product safety and market withdrawals. In each case, these recalls presented a public safety and customer relationship issue.

SoundBite works with hundreds of companies with time sensitive communications challenges, and our SoundBite Engage platform is well suited for product recall communications. Since it is imperative to reach consumers rapidly in a recall situation, SoundBite has a team of dedicated experts that are available 24/7 to develop and record the notification, process customer data, append missing numbers and begin reaching out to consumers in a prompt fashion.

SoundBite's Product Recall Solution provides consumers with critical information regarding the impacted item, a toll free number for consumers to call for additional details, and the opportunity to transfer consumers to a live person for further details or questions. If required, the notification can also direct consumers to return the purchase to the store. SoundBite's Product Recall provides retailers with important reporting information about message deliver status including which customers were reached, how many were answered live and the duration of each interaction.

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