Glympse Goes Social -- Unveils New Version With Group Location Sharing and More

Introduces Glympse Groups™, One-Touch Calendar Integration, and Ability to Ask Friends "Where Are You?"; New Version of Glympse Now on iPhone®, iPad®, and Android®

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - Oct 16, 2012) -  Glympse, Inc., the mobile technology company that pioneered temporary real-time location sharing, today introduced a new version of the popular mobile app with more services to make it even easier to share location with family, friends and colleagues whenever you want, and for however long you choose. 

Available for free on iPhone, iPad and all Android platforms, the new app now includes Glympse Groups ™, which marries dynamic, real-time location with real-life activities that anyone can join. The new Glympse also includes one-step calendar integration that automatically sends a Glympse to participants in advance of a scheduled event, as well as a "Request a Glympse" feature so you can easily ask your friends, "Where Are You?" in one click, eliminating back-and-forth texting.

"We've reached a pivotal point in the evolution of location sharing -- moving beyond static check-ins, to location as a mainstream way of communicating during our everyday activities. People are actively seeking ways to share where they are more regularly and with broader groups of people -- but with control," said Bryan Trussel, CEO and co-founder of Glympse. "With Glympse, our goal is to provide an instinctive way for anyone to share their location -- as privately or widely as they would like -- by integrating the action easily into everyday activities."

Using Glympse isn't just easy, it's instinctive. The new features and intuitive design have been developed with user input, further integrating Glympse into daily life, while ensuring users have complete control over how much, or how little, they want to share:

Glympse Groups
Glympse Groups allows users to share and interact via common activities, such as sporting or industry events, meetings or social gatherings. Glympse reveals group members' real-time locations on a map for a set amount of time, encouraging local interaction and social discovery.

Joining a group is simple and instantaneous -- users just need to enter bang (!) and the group name -- and there is no need for a login or password as groups are open to all. For example, if you and several friends or colleagues plan to attend a conference or baseball game, they just send a Glympse to: !SFNightOut. Then the location of every group member is displayed on a map. Once a group member's time limit expires, their location will no longer be shared unless they extend or resend the Glympse to the group. Individuals can stop actively sharing their location any time they choose.

Calendar Integration
By integrating calendars, like Outlook, Google and iPhone, Glympse allows users to automatically schedule location updates to everyone associated with a specific calendar event, virtually replacing the need for "Running Late" or "On my way" emails, texts or phone calls. Upcoming calendar events have been seamlessly included into the app's "Shortcuts" setting and automatically add the meeting name and location to the Glympse. Now users are just a couple taps away from letting all the attendees know their location in real-time.

Request a Glympse
When Glympse first debuted, it made it fast and easy for users to "Share Your Where" with others, for a specified period of time without creating yet another network. Now, the updated Glympse turns the tables and makes it just as easy to ask your friends, family, and colleagues, "Where are you?" With the new "Request a Glympse" feature, users simply send a request via text and recipients can instantly accept and start broadcasting their location for the given time period. If the recipient does not yet have Glympse installed, they can easily do so by clicking the link to download the app, and then accept the request to start sharing their location.

Glympse is available today in the App Store and Google Play. To download the free Glympse app, visit

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About Glympse
Glympse™ is the pioneer of person-to-person location sharing in real-time, for a set amount of time. With an intuitive design and enhanced features, such as Glympse Groups, the company easily integrates location sharing into every day activities, meetings and events. Glympse has partnered with Mercedes-Benz and Glympse's location technology is embedded into the new 2013 A-Class series. The company is backed by Menlo Ventures and Ignition Partners and has raised $7.5 million.

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With the new Glympse Groups, you can view multiple people on a map at one time.