Tech Data Positions SMB Resellers for Success With Launch of TDPrioritySMB

Announces Credit Uplift and Financing Options for SMB Resellers

CLEARWATER, Fla., Oct. 18, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tech Data Corporation (Nasdaq:TECD) today announced the launch of TDPrioritySMBTM, a dedicated program for its SMB resellers designed to provide them with specialized sales support, services and credit options. In conjunction with the launch of TDPrioritySMB, Tech Data also announced a credit uplift for selected SMB resellers, extended credit terms on HP products and a discount for SMB resellers on web orders. The announcements were made at the company's annual Vendor Summit, being held today in Orlando.

"TDPrioritySMB is the result of listening to our customers and addressing their most important needs," said Greg Banning, vice president of SMB Sales at Tech Data. "By gathering feedback from our SMB resellers, both directly and through a third-party focus group, we have designed TDPrioritySMB to be an extension of our SMB resellers' value proposition. TDPrioritySMB is the catalyst for the flexibility, options and solutions that our resellers need to provide an extreme customer experience to their end-user customers."

Tech Data has tailored its TDPrioritySMB program to enable its SMB resellers to deliver superior customer service to their end-user customers. In working closely with its SMB resellers, Tech Data developed three pillars of TDPrioritySMB designed to help provide the most important products and services. The three pillars of TDPrioritySMB are:

  • Specialized Sales Support: TDPrioritySMB provides a choice in sales structure, tools and ordering options from dedicated sales teams serving the unique needs of its SMB resellers.
  • Services: SMB resellers rely on Tech Data for superior logistical capabilities, presales support, scalability and ease of ordering. TDPrioritySMB further complements its SMB resellers' offering with world-class service, enabling its resellers to focus on their core value-add.
  • Credit Options: TDPrioritySMB works with SMB resellers to ensure that they get the flexible credit options they need—when and how they need it.

As one of the pillars of the TDPrioritySMB program, Tech Data offers a wide variety of credit options to help support the growth of its SMB resellers. Recently, Tech Data completed a study of its SMB account portfolio to determine a credit limit increase for nearly 1,700 resellers totaling nearly $25 million. Additionally, Tech Data has also offered free extended 60-day terms on HP product purchases financed through one of Tech Data's distribution financing partners for qualified resellers, representing a substantial extension of the terms otherwise available for these products.

"We understand the importance of credit and the flexibility our SMB resellers need to finance their purchases and increase their purchasing power," said Scott Tillesen, vice president, U.S. Credit Services at Tech Data. "As part of the new TDPrioritySMB program, we have offered our SMB customers a 1% discount on all web orders through our FY13 third quarter, as well as a vast array of financing alternatives and more flexible credit terms than ever before. These alternatives include third-party financing, or 'floorplanning,' which provides an opportunity to obtain additional credit and offers free financing for at least 30 days in most cases."

More information on credit options is available by visiting or by contacting Tech Data's Credit Services department at (800) 553-7921. To learn more about floorplanning alternatives, visit

"As an SMB reseller, we have built a strong relationship with Tech Data because they take us seriously," said Kate Rogers, senior vice president of Administration at InteSolv, Inc. "Tech Data's SMB sales and Credit Services teams take the time to form personal relationships with us, always providing timely information and flexible financial options. The recent credit uplift that Tech Data provided was especially helpful at the end of our quarter, when our business increases and payments are sometimes delayed."

To contact the TDPrioritySMB team, call (800) 237-8931 or connect with them or visit the TDPrioritySMB Facebook page.

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