Sycamore Enters "The Eye of the Storm" in Search of Oscar Gold

Hollywood, California, UNITED STATES

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Nov. 1, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sycamore Entertainment Group, Inc. (OTC Pink:SEGI), is pleased to announce it has submitted the feature film "The Eye of the Storm" for consideration at several awards including, the Independent Spirit Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and The Oscars. The film has been garnering critical acclaim throughout its theatrical and Video on Demand (V.O.D) release. Sycamore has positioned the film to create as much impact during this critical time in the film industry.

Sycamore is successfully garnering attention for The Eye of the Storm. The film has been invited to screen for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science twice this season. Its first Academy members only screening, was on April 22nd in Los Angeles and the second, on October 4th for New York Members.

"The new campaigning rules for Academy Award consideration, levels the playing field giving a small company like ours a fighting chance. It is less about how much money you spend on a campaign to get a nomination, it is more about having your film seen by voting academy members," says Ed Sylvan CEO of Sycamore. He goes on to say, "We are thrilled that the film is garnering so much attention within the industry, an academy award nomination could have a significant impact on revenues for DVD sales and video-on-Demand. We are very optimistic."

Historically, Academy nominations could be influenced by who had the most money to host the most lavish parties. The more money a distribution company had to spend on an award campaign could influence how well the film did during award season. As a small independent distributor, Sycamore intends to make the industry stand up and take notice of the outstanding performances of Geoffrey Rush, Charlotte Rampling and Judy Davis, masterfully directed by Fred Schepisi. The supporting cast delivers world class performances worthy of all the accolades the film is receiving.

"We know from 'Hurt locker' in 2010 that a film does not have to have big grosses at the box office to go on and win awards," says Sylvan. He goes on to say, "We may be a small company, but our film has huge potential."

The film is now playing in theaters and is available nationwide on Video-On-Demand. To View "The Eye of the Storm" on iTunes click here

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