CITYTECH, Inc. Launches New Monitoring Services as Part of Their Enterprise Web CMS Solutions on Amazon Web Services

Chicago, Illinois, UNITED STATES

CHICAGO, Nov. 26, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CITYTECH, a leader in enterprise Web Content Management System (CMS) implementation and cloud hosting services, continues to enhance its managed services solutions by providing in-depth real-time user experience, performance monitoring, and application topology monitoring. These new features enable deep inspection of application metrics as well as inspection of traffic between application tiers. Featuring best of breed tools, our clients and engineers can easily access metrics for health, availability, and performance of their applications through an easy to use interface, all hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). CITYTECH is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner offering managed hosting solutions for many of today's leading companies, including Alere, Enterprise Holdings, Ingersoll Rand, Veolia Environmental Services, as well as many sports and hotel brands.

CITYTECH's expertise in implementing web CMS platforms paired with managed cloud hosting services, and its status as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, has enabled CITYTECH to optimize its hosting service by leveraging several key AWS cloud services including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Route 53, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), and Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS).

According to CITYTECH, Inc. CTO Matt Van Bergen, "Our decision to invest in development on AWS has provided us the agility necessary to offer best of breed services, with incredibly short delivery time frames, to our global customers – cost effectively, quickly, and with reliability. Because of the increase in complexity of our clients' application architectures such as cloud and on-premise integration, we continue to invest in tools and services that allow us to support increased availability, reliability and scalability. We firmly believe that we could not have accomplished what we have for our clients without AWS as our cloud infrastructure provider."

"We're pleased that CITYTECH has been able to leverage the global footprint of AWS to meet the needs of their top tier clients," said Terry Wise, Head of Worldwide Partner Ecosystem, AWS. "The combination of AWS and CITYTECH's innovative managed CMS services enables global enterprises to reliably maintain their worldwide web presence while achieving significant cost savings."

With AWS, CITYTECH manages billions of page views per month with global deployments in EMEA, APAC, and the United States. CITYTECH's cloud-first approach to hosting web CMS's provides flexibility for integrating on-premise enterprise applications with systems that are hosted in the cloud. This allows their clients to immediately reap the benefits of a cloud hosted web presence incrementally, without needing to also migrate enterprise applications that are not ready for the cloud.

CITYTECH delivers integrated enterprise solutions unique to each client's business model. The company excels at designing practical solutions that address immediate needs, but are extensible and scalable for future growth. More information about CITYTECH is available online at You can visit with them live at the AWS re: Invent Conference in Las Vegas, NV on November 27-29 booth 121 or call 312-673-6433 x 165 for your CMS Cloud Readiness Assessment.