Manhattan Chiropractor Uses Social Media to Help Patients Achieve Health Resolutions

MANHATTAN, Kan., Feb. 3, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nichols Chiropractic, a Manhattan-KS based chiropractic care and pain management center, is using Facebook to help patients kick-start New Year's resolutions. The practice regularly posts lifestyle tips – including healthy eating habits, posture correction, and back pain management – to its Facebook page. Patients may share their own wellness journeys for support and encouragement. The practice also posts information on sports injury rehabilitation and the benefits of natural pain management through therapies such as massage and acupuncture.

Using social media to promote healthy, empowered living is part of Manhattan chiropractor Dr. Jarrod Nichols' commitment to enhanced patient communication.

"Our chiropractic center is leveraging the power of social networking to change the way that medical professionals communicate with patients," said Dr. Nichols. "Rather than a one-way relationship that's confined to an office, we want patient-doctor communications to be dynamic and ongoing."

Dr. Nichols stressed that social media also makes it easier to keep busy patients on-track with their health goals, including New Year's resolutions.

"We treat patients in Wamego, Junction City, Flint Hills and Ft. Riley," says the Manhattan chiropractor. "Even when our patients are traveling, Facebook lets us keep in touch. We may not see every patient every week, but through social media, we can continue keeping patients on track to achieve their goals."

The practice recently shared the article "11 Not So Healthy Health Foods", which spotlighted 'health foods' that are actually sneaky sources of added sugars, sodium and fats. "We are using Facebook to remind patients that eating healthy is about making smart choices," said Dr. Nichols. "For example, many so-called health foods or diet bars may be low in calories, but they are packed with sugars and lack any nutritional value. Patients need to know what they are eating so they can make informed decisions."

The practice also posts tips for avoiding chronic pain from a sports injury, such as the recent article '3 Easy Stretches to Prevent Back Pain'. The article reminds patients to stretch in conjunction with exercise to prevent sports injury pain.

"Our entire body is connected, so when one part is sore or stiff, everything is affected," said Dr. Nichols. "Patients are often surprised to learn that back pain can be associated with tight hamstrings or hip flexors. Stretching, in conjunction with exercise and healing therapies like massage therapy or acupuncture, is essential for a patient's overall health."

In addition to posting articles and wellness tips, Dr. Nichols encourages patients to share their experiences on the Facebook page.

"Our goal is to create a wellness community where patients support one another in their journey towards better health," said Dr. Nichols.

The chiropractic office focuses on treating injuries and painful conditions with techniques and therapies including chiropractic adjustment, massage therapy, acupuncture, iTrac® Therapy, and ART®.

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