Grand Rapids Weight Loss Program Supports Pain Management and Healthy Living

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Feb. 10, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Peak Performance Chiropractic in Grand Rapids, MI announced that the chiropractic center is helping patients lose weight and adopt long-term healthy living habits with nutritional counseling. Chiropractor Dr. Michael Kwast recommends nutritional counseling as a safe and effective alternative to fad diets. According to Dr. Kwast, nutrition services help patients get healthy by adopting long-term lifestyle changes. Nutritional counseling can also help with pain management and Grand Rapids weight loss. Dr. Kwast says that his goal is to empower each patient to live an active life.

Grand Rapids chiropractor Dr. Michael Kwast is reaching out to patients to help them lose weight and get healthy without the need for fad diets.

"Our Grand Rapids weight loss patients choose our practice because they want to lose weight and get in shape the healthy way," said Dr. Kwast. "Thanks to our nutritional counseling services, we can help patients lose weight and keep off the pounds without the need for any crash-dieting or fad diets."

Dr. Kwast and Peak Performance Chiropractic offer a number of healthy eating, whole body living, and weight loss services. These services include a detox cleanse, nutrition counseling, and custom dietary recommendations.

"Nutritional counseling is the foundation for every program," said Dr. Kwast. "Our goal is to educate patients about the different health treatments available. For example, we may help patients plan out weekly meals or find ways to integrate exercise into daily living. We support healthy weight loss by keeping patients on-track with their eating goals."

Dr. Kwast frequently recommends a gentle detox diet to his patients. This diet helps to remove toxins from the bloodstream and organs. It is gentle, effective and appropriate for all patients.

"Our detox diet is a great way for patients to reset their metabolism and re-think their eating habits," said Dr. Kwast. "Over time, toxins and other chemicals can build up in the body, negatively affecting metabolism and the internal organs. Our detox cleanse removes these toxins and helps to prepares the body for weight loss."

According to Dr. Kwast, nutritional counseling also offers important health benefits for patients who are healing after an injury. For example, a diet rich in lean proteins and antioxidants will help reduce inflammation and support the body's healing process by providing amino acid building blocks for cellular repair.

A spinal misalignment is a frequent cause for chronic pain. Without proper treatment, however, an alignment can cause more than just pain. Patients may also suffer from chronic fatigue and weight gain.

"Regular chiropractic care helps to minimize a leading cause for chronic pain," said Dr. Kwast. "These treatments naturally support whole body health. Nutritional counseling is an important part of non-invasive pain management."

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