Echolocation to Raise $5000 for charity: water at SXSW

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NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Feb 28, 2013) - Echo is a mobile, microblogging application that connects people to highly relevant information about their location via 140 character messages.

At SXSW, Echo will provide attendees with the most recent updates from Echo users at SXSW as well as relevant content from local blogs and news outlets. Members of the Echo team will be in attendance at SXSW providing free water to attendees to promote their campaign for charity: water.

Echo's mission is to foster community development by creating a simple way for people to communicate with others near their current location. Its goal is to change the way people interact with their environment on their mobile devices by connecting them to highly relevant content around their current location.

Echo can be downloaded at:

Echo has set a goal to donate $5000 to charity: water in order to build a clean water project for a community that needs clean water.

For every person at SXSW that posts #donate on Echo, the company will donate $1.00 in their name towards the goal. When the project is complete charity: water will send photos and GPS coordinates to everyone so you can see the results of project.

Check out Echo's charity: water Campaign at:

"Echolocation's focus is to get the entire community involved not just through the use of their app, but also through their mycharity: water fundraising campaign," said Kaitlyn Jankowski, support experience manager at charity: water. "Echolocation's definition of community extends far beyond domestic borders as they are looking to involve the SXSW community to impact a community in one of the 20 developing countries in which we work."

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Echolocation is a Brooklyn based technology company founded in 2011 by Brian Donohue and Rocky Chiu. The company is the developer of Echo, a mobile, microblogging application that connects users to highly relevant information about their location via 140 character messages. More information can be found at

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