Greenhouse Design Studio Becomes Elsie Green

Same Beautiful Product and Extraordinarily Personal Service, Cute New Name

ALAMO, Calif., March 7, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Greenhouse Design Studio has changed its name to Elsie Green in order to more closely reflect its roots as a small, sustainable, family run company based in northern California. The URL changes from to  The brand offers ways to make your home more eco-friendly from all angles: a popular online shop filled with high quality, sustainable goods for the home, a networking space to connect with green resources in your area as well as other like-minded individuals in your area, and an editorial section with great images, ideas, and inspiration from a wide range of design tastemakers. Elsie Green founder Laurie Furber, a 12 year veteran of Pottery Barn, travels to Europe to source vintage goods for the site, which is an element of the shop that her customers love.

The name Elsie Green was derived from the French phrase "elle est ici" meaning "she is here."  "We think that the new name Elsie Green better reflects our original vision to be a small business with a human touch: each beautiful item selected by hand, each order carefully packed by someone who cares, each call and email personally answered by someone who can help, and most of all, each customer treated like a dear friend," explains Laurie.

Elsie Green will continue to adhere to the founding principles of Greenhouse Design Studio.  Elsie Green owners JP and Laurie Furber will continue to run the company in their respective roles, Laurie as Founder and Creative Director and JP as President and CFO.  The company will also continue to contribute to environmental causes in a meaningful way.