New KONTAQ Sports Bra is a Game Changer for Female Athletes

PITTSBURG, Kan., March 19, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- KONTAQ, a leading innovator in sports apparel and gear, announced today that it is launching the new KONTAQ Sports Bra to help protect female athletes from breast pain and injury during sports contact.

Today, female athletes participate in a wide range of sports and compete aggressively. As a result, they often face painful breast contact from elbows, balls, racquets, bats, kicks and other gear. Breast contact can cause pain and injury that can affect performance. Until now, female athletes had three options: wear an ordinary sports bra with no contact protection; wear a standard padded bra; or wear a sports bra with uncomfortable hard plastic inserts. The KONTAQ Sports Bra is changing all that.

The patented KONTAQ Sports Bra is designed to provide an extra layer of protection from breast pain and injury caused by sports contact. It features a revolutionary contact-absorbing material called FlexShieldTM that is flexible, breathable and comfortable. The removable FlexShield inserts slide into double-panel pockets and contour naturally around the breast. Unlike standard foam used in padded bras, FlexShield absorbs and dissipates contact energy to help lessen the pain from breast contact. It dissipates 90% of the force of impact during sports contact.*

"The KONTAQ Sports Bra is a high-performance game changer because it allows athletes to focus on their next move – and not be inhibited or slowed down by breast contact," reports Tyler Harrell, KONTAQ President.

The KONTAQ Sports Bra is designed to look and feel great. If features premium moisture wicking fabrics, comfort banding, a breathable mesh back and fashion stitching. In addition to contact absorbing protection, the KONTAQ Sports Bra is designed to support breasts to reduce impact, bounce and movement during sports. The bra provides the optimum level of comfort, support and protection – and doesn't inhibit movement or sports performance.

Designed and manufactured by KONTAQ, Inc. in Pittsburg, Kansas, the KONTAQ Sports Bra was engineered and perfected for three years before being manufactured. The company interviewed athletes, spoke with coaches, consulted with experts, performed countless tests and perfected several rounds of designs to deliver the most comfortable, effective and attractive contact-absorbing sports bra on the market.

The KONTAQ Sports Bra retails for $69.95 and is available for purchase at

*As measured according to ASTM-F1614-C


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