RAID Inc. Launches Scalable High Throughput NAS Solutions Using Fusion-IO(TM) PCIe Based Flash Storage and IBM(TM) GPFS(TM)

ANDOVER, MA--(Marketwire - Mar 21, 2013) - RAID Incorporated, an end-to-end customized solutions provider in HPC, Big Data and Virtualized Environments, announced today the launch of Scalable High Throughput NAS Solutions using Fusion-IO™ PCIe Based Flash Storage and IBM™ GPFS™.

Network attached storage solutions provide simplicity, manageability and access. Until now, they have lacked scalability, high performance and cost-effective fault tolerance, which have kept them from serving a role beyond the departmental level. Companies have experimented to compensate for this by adding NAS appliances, which leads to data fragmentation, management nightmares, hot spots and poor performance.

The response to these challenges is an IBM offering based on proven clustered file-serving technology CNFS in the form of the General Parallel File System (GPFS). GPFS is a high performance, shared-disk clustered file system developed by IBM. GPFS distinguishes itself from other cluster file systems by providing concurrent high-speed file access to applications running on multiple nodes. In addition to providing file system storage capabilities, GPFS provides tools for management and administration of the GPFS cluster and allows for shared access to file systems from remote GPFS clusters. It also supports information life-cycle management features to simplify data management and enhance administrative control.1

Raid Inc.'s solution using IBM's GPFS and Fusion-IO PCIe SSD has several key benefits:

  • High availability and resiliency
  • High performance and scalability
  • Economical entry and incremental growth
  • Compatibility with NFS clients

For more information on Scalable High Throughput NAS Solutions, please visit our website or contact Bob Picardi, CEO RAID Inc. (800-330-7335).