Etransmedia: Direct Electronic Transition of Care Live at Top Medical Center

Etransmedia Launches Direct Care Coordinator Solution at Medical Center in New York State

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

Troy, NY, March 25, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Etransmedia Technology Inc., a healthcare information technology company, announced today the live implementation of its "Direct Care Coordinator" solution at a leading northeastern academic medical center.  This marks the first live electronic transmission of secure electronic health records over the internet using New York's State Health Information Network, known as SHIN-NY.  The health record, which includes supporting documentation, lab results, and notes, is sent using the vendor-neutral Direct standard.  The standard has been endorsed by the ONC and is required for Meaningful Use stage 2 certification. 

Dr. John Blair III, CEO of MedAllies, the company that created the vendor neutral network that transports information between Direct-enabled systems, believes that this is a significant step in addressing the very real and significant gap in transitions of care and care coordination across all health care settings.  "We at MedAllies believe that Direct is the best solution for certified EHR interoperability, the key technical component for effective transitions of care"  

In addition to the secure transmission of health records, the Etransmedia Direct Care Coordinator simplifies complex workflows that involve the key provider and administrative stakeholders with customizable queues.  Notifications can be directed to EHR message or task queues to facilitate the preparation and completion of transition of care documentation.  Alerts direct stakeholders' attention to missed deadlines, declined transmissions, and other potential care gaps. 

Etransmedia offers the Direct Care Coordinator system as a turn-key software application that can integrate with existing EHR systems to enable care coordination features and meet Meaningful Use stage 2 requirements.  Direct Care Coordinator is vendor-agnostic, flexibly licensed, and available to healthcare organizations and EHR vendors with gaps in their EHR communication technology infrastructure.

Etransmedia CEO Vikram Agrawal envisions the solution creating a means for EHR vendors of all sizes to not only meet MU2 minimum requirements, but to offer a truly valuable feature set to their customer base.  "Our first objective is to improve patient care, and that means that the solution has to be designed well enough so that providers and their supporting staff can efficiently and effectively use it.  We've advanced the design of the Direct Care Coordinator so that EHR vendors can enable a very high level of functionality while reducing their time to market and development effort." 

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About Etransmedia 

Since 2000, Etransmedia Technology, Inc. has developed and delivered integrated cloud-based software and services to hospitals, health systems, and physicians nationwide.   Etransmedia's solutions include Revenue Cycle Management, Financial Analytics Platform, Care Coordination, and Patient Engagement software.  Etransmedia is committed to providing the right solutions to build an effective community of care, driving revenues and efficiencies for ambulatory, acute and diagnostic facilities, and increasing the availability of information to providers making critical care decisions. Etransmedia serves over 12,000 providers and 40,000 users.  Etransmedia is the recipient of six consecutive Inc. 500/5000 awards, and two consecutive Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Awards. For additional information go to

About MedAllies

MedAllies, founded in 2001, has extensive experience with EHR implementations and workflow redesign to improve clinical care. It provides unmatched expertise in health information exchange and Direct services. MedAllies operates the THINC eXchange, an HIE designed to increase the completeness of information at the point of care, improve care coordination and standardize quality and public health reporting in New York's Hudson Valley. It has provided Direct services since the Direct Project's inception and has several pilot sites in New York state. MedAllies Direct Solutions builds on existing technology to achieve interoperability, with physicians using their current EHR systems, allowing information to flow across disparate EHR systems in a manner consistent with provider workflows. MedAllies Direct is a tool to advance primary care models that emphasize care coordination and improved care transitions and support patient-centered care.

About Direct:

The Direct Project develops specifications for a secure, scalable, standards-based way to establish universal health addressing and transport for participants (including providers, laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies and patients) to send encrypted health information directly to known, trusted recipients over the Internet. The Nationwide Health Information Network is a set of standards, services and policies that enable secure health information exchange over the Internet. The project itself does not run health information exchange services. Several Federal agencies and healthcare organizations are already using Nationwide Health Information Network standards to exchange information amongst themselves and their partners. The Direct Project will expand the standards and service descriptions available to address the key Stage 1 requirements for Meaningful Use, and provide an easy "on-ramp" for a wide set of providers and organizations looking to adopt. At the conclusion of this project, there will be one nationwide exchange, consisting of the organizations that have come together in a common policy framework to implement the standards and services. This project is open government, and as such, contains avenues for a broad range of public participation. See below for more information on participation.