Tune in to Genesis Global Radio This Week to Hear Guests "M" Margie Shepherd, Susanne Friend, Kimberly Berg, Joanne Charette and Evelyn Stypula

Bohemia, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, NY, April 1, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- This Week, tune in to hear our guests share their expertise on self-empowerment, organic farming, the pre-history of women's culture, disabled services and so much more! Show times are as follows:

Monday, April 1st:

"M" Margie Shepherd from 6:00pm PST - 7:00pm PST

Tuesday, April 2nd:

Susanne Friend from 6:00pm PST -7:00pm PST

Wednesday, April 3rd:

Kimberly Berg from 6:00pm PST -7:00pm PST

Thursday, April 4th:

Joanne Charette from 6:00pm PST - 7:00pm PST

Friday, April 5th:

Evelyn Stypula from 6:00pm PST -7:00pm PST

All shows can be listened to by visiting this link: http://crntalk.com and then clicking on the play button next to CRN 2.


"M" Margie Shepherd unleashes a powerhouse of positivity with new book, Travesty

All aboard! Pack your optimism and join "M" Margie Shepherd on a standing room only journey moving full steam ahead toward success! As owner and CEO of Maximize M Productions ,"M" delivers a truly inspirational message that is both timely and on target in today's world. Her book, Travesty, unveils the true-life account of a harrowing ordeal she experienced following breast reconstruction surgery and invites the reader to voyage from despair to salvation--without ever looking back!

"M" Margie Shepherd describes herself as a guru of inspiration and leads a dynamic enterprise dedicated to promoting self-acceptance, inspiring self-empowerment, and celebrating self-esteem. In an effort to spread her inspirational message worldwide, "M" conducts motivational speaking engagements aimed at helping others discover their own inner strength and fearless potential.

As a former executive for Nutrisystem, a commercial provider of weight loss products and services, "M" has been recognized for building the most financially successful region in the history of the company, a region which spanned five states, created 25,000 jobs and changed countless lives. Her efforts facilitated the national expansion of this multi-billion dollar corporation. "M" currently resides in Reno, Nevada and travels the globe on motivational speaking circuits to promote her book, Travesty. Like a stone tossed into still water, Travesty has sent ripples through the medical community and has motivated thousands to break free of their pain and find their own inner peace. Written from the heart, "M" has received an influx of positive testimonials from readers around the world who have found inspiration in her gripping story.

Behold the power of "M"! Grab your copy of Travesty today!

For book purchases, please visit: http://bookstore.trafford.com/Products/SKU-000131626/Travesty.aspx

For motivational speaking engagements, seminars or book signings, please contact John Kelly, Chief Marketing Officer at Genesis Global Media and Booking Agent for "M" Margie Shepherd at 1-855-229-6860, extension 103.

"M" Margie Shepherd may be contacted at 775-857-3538 or by email at maximizem@yahoo.com

For more information on "M" Margie Shepherd, please click on the following links:


Facebook Fan Page


You Tube

To hear "M" Margie Shepherd discuss the power of positivity, tune into Genesis Global Radio tonight , March 28, 2013, from 6:00pm PST -- 7:00pm PST by visiting this link: http://crntalk.com and then clicking on the play button next to CRN 2.

If you miss the broadcast, don't sweat it! Each show can be accessed through the following links:

"M" Margie Shepherd-Show 1

"M" Margie Shepherd-Show 2



Artist Rejects Patriarchal Society and Empowers Woman to Forge New Pathway

Kimberly Berg has awakened the ancient goddess! A male feminist artist, Berg's work challenges the patriarchal system that has evolved to dominate our world by exposing it as a system that is not only unworkable and unsustainable, but also unjust. Guided by the prehistoric record, which shows evidence that pre-patriarchal Neolithic societies respected and honored their women, Berg believes that we are approaching the tipping point of patriarchal dominance as women gain the confidence to reclaim their inherent birthright.  And just to be sure a feminist transformation is underway, Berg has heaved the final stones necessary to tip the scale by launching a campaign to educate the public on the history of women's culture and the factors that led to its unfortunate subjugation.

Berg has recently unveiled The Legacy of the Goddess, a power point presentation which outlines the forgotten pre-history of women's culture and highlights the revered role of woman in Neolithic societies.  By bringing his message to classrooms and community centers across the country, Berg hopes to restore the female voice so that she may dance once again into the wind.

Kimberly Berg holds a Bachelor of Science in History from the University of Wisconsin, with a concentration in Ancient History.  He lives a self-sustaining life of voluntary simplicity in a Thoreau-like cabin, surrounded by the trees and wildlife of the Adirondack Mountains. Without electricity and with only a wood burning stove for heat in this sometimes harsh climate, Berg has forged an essential pact with nature and has learned to respect and appreciate the elements of his lifestyle that have become extinct in modern society. His interest in women's advocacy was sparked by a book written by Layne Redmond entitled When Drummers Were Women, which opened his eyes to the historical decline in women's stature and the urgent necessity that both genders work together to restore equality for the greater good of humanity.

Join Kimberly Berg in his quest to awaken the ancient goddess. To learn more, please visit: http://www.isisrising.net

For speaking engagements, please contact Kimberly Berg at kdegas@artlover.com.



Evelyn Stypula Raises a Beacon of Hope for People with Disabilities

Disabled? Well, you've got a friend in Pennsylvania! Evelyn Stypula, M.Ed., President of Big Heart Bridges, has been advocating tirelessly for people with disabilities across the state of Pennsylvania for over 50 years. Her advocacy includes actively campaigning for legislation and supporting civil liberties that meet the needs of disabled individuals, especially with regard to housing, transportation and employment. With Evelyn Stypula by your side, your rights are preserved and your needs are met! After all, that's what friends are for.

Ms. Stypula has joined forces with several esteemed organizations that advocate for people with disabilities. She serves on the board of United Cerebral Palsy of Pittsburgh and the Governor's Cabinet and Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities, and acts as a consultant for the Pennsylvania Government's Conference for Women. Ms.Stypula holds a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary and Special Education from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Education degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Pittsburgh. Her efforts have led to the implementation of an ACCESS Para-Transit System for Allegheny County, which provides transportation for disabled individuals.

As the founder of Big Heart Bridges, Evelyn Stypula strives daily to serve the interests and to protect the freedoms of disabled individuals. To learn more about her efforts, please email her at ers92645@verizon.net or call 412-491-2605.


If you miss the broadcast, don't sweat it! Each show can be accessed through the following links:

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