WANdisco Launches SVN MultiSite Plus for Dramatically Improved Availability, Performance and Scalability for Global Organizations

SAN RAMON, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 16, 2013) - WANdisco (LSE: WAND), a provider of high-availability software for global enterprises to meet the challenges of Big Data and distributed software development, today announced SVN MultiSite Plus™, a replication software solution that delivers dramatically improved performance, flexibility and scalability for large, global organizations.

WANdisco completely re-architected SVN MultiSite to create SVN MultiSite Plus, which enables non-stop performance, scalability and backup as well as 24/7 availability for globally distributed Apache Subversion deployments. The new product takes full advantage of enhancements to the company's patented active-active replication technology to improve flexibility, scalability, performance and ultimately developer and administrator productivity. Patents have been filed for these new innovations.

"SVN MultiSite has been improving performance and productivity for global enterprises since 2006 and SVN MultiSite Plus builds on those features for even greater benefits," said David Richards, WANdisco CEO. "We're committed to providing organizations with the most robust and flexible solutions possible and we're confident SVN MultiSite Plus will meet and exceed the requirements of the largest globally distributed software development organizations." 

SVN MultiSite Plus takes the unique architectural advantages of SVN MultiSite that remove the single point of failure, performance bottleneck and WAN latency issues associated with a central Subversion server and builds on them by implementing replication at Subversion's file system layer. This eliminates up to 90 percent of the communication overhead between Subversion clients and the server at each location, resulting in major performance and scalability improvements over standard SVN MultiSite. The new architecture also means SVN MultiSite Plus supports all protocols, so that existing investments in Subversion clients and utilities can be leveraged and significant cost reductions can be achieved through tools consolidation.

"Offerings such as WANdisco's SVN MultiSite Plus and technologies like its patented active-active replication can enable faster, more automated and reliable development and deployment of applications, even when teams are broadly distributed," said Jay Lyman, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Software with 451 Research. "The abilities to lighten the wide area network traffic load and add or remove servers on the fly without interruption or downtime are the kinds of capabilities enterprise organizations need to be more agile."

New features in SVN MultiSite Plus include:

  • Dynamic Group Evolution - the ability to deploy new repositories and servers on the fly without any downtime, eliminating the need for scheduled maintenance and lost development time.
  • Ability to manage multiple replication groups provides granular control for selective replication of specific repositories between sites, rather than all repositories, for flexibility, security and efficiency purposes.
  • Single view of the entire implementation across all sites provides administrators with the ability to see and manage every repository simply and seamlessly on one screen from a single location.
  • Support for all Subversion protocols including http://, https://, svn:// and svn+ssh:// so organizations can leverage their investments in existing clients and enterprises can reduce costs through tools consolidation.

SVN MultiSite Plus is available now. Visit www.wandisco.com/subversion/multisiteplus and click "Free Trial" to try SVN MultiSite Plus.

Coming Soon

  • On Wednesday, May 1, 9:00 am Pacific, noon Eastern, WANdisco will host a live product demo via webinar, highlighting the features and benefits of SVN MultiSite Plus. Register for the live demo webinar at http://go.wandisco.com/multisite_live-demo.html
  • In May, WANdisco will be hosting a webinar to present the findings of a new Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) report on SVN MultiSite, which the company will continue to support. More details about the webinar will be posted on WANdisco's website as they become available.

About WANdisco
WANdisco (LSE: WAND) is a provider of enterprise-ready, non-stop software solutions that enable globally distributed organizations to meet today's data challenges of secure storage, scalability and availability. WANdisco's products are differentiated by the company's patented, active-active data replication technology, serving crucial high availability (HA) requirements, including Hadoop Big Data and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). Fortune Global 1000 companies, including AT&T, Motorola, Intel and Halliburton, rely on WANdisco for performance, reliability, security and availability. For additional information, please visit www.wandisco.com.

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