Trusignal Partners With I-Behavior for Data On-Boarding to Bring Greater Scale and Accuracy to Trusignal's Digital Audience Segments

Louisville, Colorado, UNITED STATES

Louisville, CO, April 17, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Louisville, Colorado, April 17, 2013 - I-Behavior, the premier provider of database marketing and behavioral targeting services has partnered with TruSignal, an innovative digital ad targeting and predictive analytics firm, to provide data on-boarding services for TruSignal's TruAudienceSM Segments.  TruSignal's custom  audience segments are built by combining anonymized first-party customer data with 40 different offline consumer profile databases, using a proven predictive analytics engine. With an online database of 160 million online uniques, I-Behavior brings the scale and reach, combined with extremely high match rates, to link TruSignal's offline audience segment data to online users, allowing brands to more precisely reach the right prospects via online advertising channels. 

"We were familiar with the high quality of the predictive data assets assembled by eBureau, and are excited to work with TruSignal, eBureau's digital targeting spin-off company, to help enable the availability of these very effective targeted audiences to the online advertising marketplace," says I-Behavior Interactive General Manager, Keith Johnson. "With the continued growth in online display advertising, it's exciting to help provide better online marketing solutions to advertisers, while improving the relevance of these messages for consumers."  According to the Internet Advertising Bureau's Internet Advertising Revenue Report (October 2012), Internet advertising revenue totaled $17 billion for the first half of 2012, up 14% from the first half of 2011, with display-related revenue accounting for 33% of that total. While an online advertising revenue report is not yet available for all of 2012, based on reported data, the final tally is expected to represent $17 billion in revenue, the highest revenue-generating year to date for online advertising. According to TruSignal president, David Dowhan, "we couldn't be happier with the scale and match rate that we've experienced with I-Behavior.  The effectiveness of our audiences depends upon both accurate matching and large scale, which I-Behavior brings to the equation in spades.  We look forward to a fruitful partnership for both companies."

About I-Behavior

I-Behavior provides consumer and business transaction data that helps multi-channel merchants invest marketing dollars more effectively. With I-Behavior intelligence, online and direct marketing campaigns reach the individuals who are most likely to purchase your products and services, as determined by past buying behavior. I-Behavior's cooperative database includes more than 2,500 data-contributing members and 190 million individuals representing more than $400 billion in online and offline purchases. I-Behavior was acquired in November 2010 by KBM Group and is a member of the WPP organization and part of the Wunderman network.

About I-Behavior Zipline

I-Behavior's Zipline data management platform provides data onboarding and monetization services for brands, agencies, publishers, CRM managers and ad networks. Zipline can also manage these data assets for efficient sales and distribution across I-Behavior's ad network and DSP partners.

About TruSignal

TruSignal creates custom lookalike audiences that help leading consumer marketers and their agencies optimize targeted branding and prospecting campaigns.  TruSignal's massive repository of consumer profile data is used to develop precisely targeted audiences that focus on high value, new customers who look like existing best customers. TruSignal was spun off from eBureau, its sister company, in 2012. TruSignal is a wholly-owned subsidiary of xTech Holdings, Inc., and its investors include Redpoint Ventures, Split Rock Partners and Tenaya Capital. For more information, please visit Follow TruSignal on LinkedInTwitter, and YouTube, and read the latest industry opinions and ideas on the company's Audience Matters blog.