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ISLAMORADA, Fla., April 22, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, the Wyland Foundation announced this special message from founder artist and conservationist Wyland in recognition of Earth Day:

"With Earth Day here, I hope all of us will carry forward this celebration throughout the year. I was thirteen when I heard about the first Earth Day, and I remember thinking, 'Why would we have to celebrate Earth Day?'"

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"About the same time, I learned about the famous Cuyahoga River fire. The portion of the river near Cleveland was so thick with oil and debris back in the late 1960s that it is a wonder it didn't catch fire sooner. But this flaming river also ignited the imagination of an entire nation, prompting a turnaround in our attitudes about our environment.

"Thanks to the Clean Water Act, the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, and the efforts of many people the water quality around the Cuyahoga and elsewhere in our country has improved. But that doesn't mean there isn't more work to be done. Despite our efforts, pollution from urban runoff and nonpoint source problems continue to threaten our nation's lakes, rivers, streams, and wetlands. Our ocean, too, still feels the brunt of what we do miles upstream from our coasts.

"Today, it is clear that we need to change how we treat our water, land, and air. But to accomplish this, we must improve our knowledge, strengthen our will, and think about what we are doing  — if not for our own sake, then for the sake of the future generations who will inherit what we've left behind.

"Famed scientist Dr. Sylvia Earle has said that what we do in the next ten years will impact the next 10,000 years. So let's take this moment to heed her words. The Wyland Foundation and Toyota, along with Dr. Earle, the US EPA, US Forest Service, National League of Cities, Rain Bird, Lowe's and CH2M Hill, have launched a national program in celebration of Earth Month, April 1-30.  The National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation brings together our nation's mayors to encourage everyone to be more water wise. Residents from any city in the U.S. can go to and choose from the list of small actions you can take immediately. Then see how your city stacks up with the rest of the country. Is your city more waterwise than your neighboring town? Given that Americans use roughly 150 trillion gallons of freshwater a year for everything from agriculture to industry to household use, I can think of few more important conservation issues.

"The growing interest in Earth Day is a powerful indicator that people want to do more for our world. It tells me that we recognize the value of environmental stewardship to ensure a sustainable future for us. So whether you're making a pledge for water conservation or simply taking a moment to reflect on the wonder of the natural world, I hope you'll carry the spirit of this very special day forward and share it with the people around you."

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Artist and Conservationist Wyland