Meridian Clinic Uses Trigger Point Injections for Pain Management

MERIDIAN, Idaho, June 9, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Meridian physician is spreading the word about a natural medicine technique than can help acute or chronic pain sufferers experience drug-free relief. According to Dr. Jeffery, D.O. of Healthy Habits Integrated Medicine, trigger point injections can relieve neck, limb or back pain from a variety of painful muscle and nerve conditions. "This is an FDA-approved treatment utilizing a substance that delivers proven, demonstrable pain relief," says Dr. Jeffery. "We want people suffering from back pain or nerve problems to explore it as a possible alternative to more complex, invasive procedures or potentially addictive painkilling drugs."

The Meridian physician explains that trigger points are specific points on the body that create pain signals in some other part of the body when stimulated or irritated, a phenomenon known to the medical community as referred pain. This reaction can cause -- or be caused by -- muscle knots, such as those found in fibromyalgia, pinched or damaged nerves, soft tissue injuries or degenerative conditions. He adds that since the trigger point activates the pain signal, injection of a pain-relieving substance into the trigger point can deactivate it. "This technique enables us to switch the pain off at the source rather than simply numbing a large area or drugging the entire individual," he says.

The injections administered by Charles Sherwood PA-A feature a naturally occurring substance called sarapin. Sarapin is derived from the pitcher plant and has known anesthetic properties.

Sherwood states injection into the sensory nerve responsible for the pain relieves the symptoms without impairing the motor signals required for voluntary muscle action. While its effects mimic those of cortisone, he notes that it has many advantages over the more commonly prescribed treatment.

"Cortisone is a chemical product, not a natural biological derivative, and it can be toxic to tissues under certain circumstances. It can also cause side effects such as bruising, cataracts and osteoporosis," says Sherwood. "Sarapin has never demonstrated any toxicity or side effects among recipients, and it does not stress the liver the way synthetic medications can."

He adds that while other solutions such as saline or novocaine can provide temporary relief when injected into trigger points, sarapin works for a significantly longer period of time. Sherwood notes that while even sarapin cannot relieve pain permanently, periodic injections can offer an effective long-term pain management strategy.

The clinic currently prescribes trigger point injections for relief of chronic neck, arm, hip and back pain, as well as the shooting leg pains associated with sciatica. "We encourage Meridian patients seeking natural pain management solutions to learn more about trigger point injections," Sherwood says.

In addition to trigger point injections, Healthy Habits Integrated Medicine provides chiropractic adjustment, physical medicine, spinal decompression and other health and wellness services to Meridian residents.