Video from General Motors & Synaptic Digital: Important Things to Consider Before Getting Hitched!

From Making Sure Your Truck and Trailer are a Perfect Match to Practicing Your Moves - Tips for Safe Summer Towing with the GMC Sierra

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

Detroit, June 19, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With Summer travel season in full swing, and the RV industry expecting its best year since 2007, it seems many Americans are ready to hit the wide open road.  And while towing a travel trailer might look easy, it requires skill, practice and most importantly the right equipment.

See video from General Motors & Synaptic Digital:

According to Mark Williams, Senior Editor of not every pickup truck can pull every trailer and you have to be very careful about matching the right truck to the right trailer. And while manufacturers offer many different trailer packages, Williams says you have to educate yourself about what you need to safely and comfortably tow your travel trailer.

One major towing safety issue that people are sometimes unaware of is sway.  Trailers can sway dangerously at highway speeds due to wind gusts and passing semis. GM's head of Consumer Affairs, James Bell, says one of the best ways to mitigate sway is with Sway Control which uses the StabiliTrak system to monitor the sway that builds as you are cruising along the highway.  Both Sway Control and StabiliTrak come standard on the 2014 GMC Sierra.