Webinar to help marketing automation users get the most from their data

WALTHAM, Mass., June 20, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- B2B marketers will get valuable information on how to improve lead generation during "Killer Prospect Data," a webinar hosted by business information provider ZoomInfo June 27. The 1 p.m. webinar will help marketers identify and resolve issues with prospect data.

"Up to 25 percent of the data in most marketing automation databases is incorrect," said Yonatan Stern, ZoomInfo's founder, CEO and chief scientist. "That's because it's almost impossible for marketers to keep big databases up to date on their own. This webinar will provide effective strategies to deal with the issue and improve lead generation."

Chris Frank, marketing director at TreeHouse Interactive, Inc., the technology leader in on-demand partner relationship management, and Santosh Sharan, ZoomInfo's vice president of product management and strategy, will speak during the webinar. Topics will include:

  • Industry trends and benchmarks for marketing databases
  • Methods for obtaining accurate, complete prospect data
  • Improving existing prospect data
  • Expanding beyond industry and title segmenting
  • Technology and systems for better database marketing

Marketers can register for the free webinar at: www.zoominfo.com/business/webinars/killerprospectdata

About Santosh Sharan

Santosh Sharan is responsible for product management, new product initiatives and market strategy at ZoomInfo. He has more than 16 years of entrepreneurial and product experience, and a long history of fostering technology innovation at early-stage startups. He has led multiple engineering and product teams in pharmaceuticals, finance, media and technology-related ventures.

About Chris Frank

Chris Frank has spent more than a dozen years in marketing, and is the marketing director for TreeHouse Interactive. He is a marketing automation expert, and has helped hundreds of companies understand the strengths and weaknesses of their marketing plans, as well as how to use technology to improve effectiveness.

About ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo™ provides constantly verified, detailed profiles of millions of businesspeople and businesses, along with powerful search tools for lead generation and prospecting. Free business contacts are available through the ZoomInfo Directory, and subscribers to the award-winning ZoomInfo Pro can access detailed profiles and advanced search tools. ZoomInfo's Marketing Data Services help marketers analyze internal prospect data, identify new opportunities and fuel marketing automation with a constant source of updated leads. Follow ZoomInfo on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (@ZoomInfo) and the ZoomInfo blog. For more information, go to www.zoominfo.com or call 866-904-9666.

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