Opturo's Performance & Attribution Improves AIMCo's Investment Process

Sarasota, Florida, UNITED STATES

BOSTON, July 12, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Senior management at AIMCo, a major client and user of Opturo, Inc.'s Performance & Attribution system, has published an article explaining how AIMCo has dramatically upgraded its infrastructure through use of Opturo's VIA (Virtual Investment Analytics) platform. By employing Opturo's platform, AIMCo has resolved serious issues with system architecture, data quality, benchmark criteria, and the evaluation of investment decisions, including those regarding illiquid investments.

The article describes how the "continuous performance evaluation feedback" provided by Opturo's platform gives AIMCo the capability that "drives informed investment decision-making and better performance."

AIMCo's article, Towards the Next Generation of Performance Attribution for Institutional Investment Management, touts the importance of "the measurement and attribution of performance." This attribution includes the explanation of AIMCo's active returns, risk and risk-adjusted returns directly, exclusively and precisely in terms of their particular investment decisions.

The article goes on to explain Opturo's attribution "as an investment management tool" for "more than just explaining the past; it is seen as a tool for making better investment decisions in the future. Accurate, timely, and detailed attribution helps measure skill and sources of active return and can thus help strengthen investment teams and improve portfolio performance."

Opturo is proud to have contributed to AIMCo's achievements of "better data, systems, benchmarks, and decision-based attribution [that] are having a measurable impact on [AIMCo's] ability to target superior results."

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