National Military Family Association Receives $25,000 Donation From Engility Corporation

ALEXANDRIA, Va., July 22, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Instead of celebrating Engility Corporation's one-year anniversary as an independent, publicly-traded company by giving commemorative items to its employees, President and CEO Tony Smeraglinolo decided to make charitable donations on their behalf to organizations that support the Federal community. The decision was in keeping with one of Engility's core values, servant leadership, and included a $25,000 gift to the National Military Family Association.

"It is because of the creativity and philanthropy demonstrated by donors like Engility Corporation that we are able to continue to help military families, especially during a time where benefits and services are being taken away from them because of the painful cuts of Sequestration," said Executive Director Joyce Wessel Raezer, National Military Family Association. "We wish Mr. Smeraglinolo and everyone at Engility a wonderful first anniversary, and thank them for sacrificing portions of their own celebration to support federal employees, including our military families."

Based out of Chantilly, VA, Engility is a pure-play government services contractor that became an independent, publicly-traded company (NYSE: EGL) last year. The company provides specialized technical consulting, program and business support services, engineering and technology lifecycle support, information technology modernization and sustainment, supply chain services and logistics management, and training and education for the U.S. Government.

Mr. Smeraglinolo stated, "Engility's leadership thought hard about how best to recognize our organization's one year anniversary and a contribution to the National Military Family Association was a natural way for us to live our corporate values, and to further support our military partners and their families."

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