Nuclear Protection Academy Aligns With Total Protection Services Global to Intensively Train and Educate Nuclear and Energy Facility Security Professionals

To Bolster Homeland Security, Industry Leading Nuclear and Energy Security and Safety Expert, Phrantceena T. Halres, Spearheads First-of-Its-Kind Initiative to More Intensively and Adequately Train Security Professionals of Nuclear, Electric and Green Energy Power Installations as Well as a Workforce Development Program for Personnel Both Inside and Outside the Nuclear Industry; Program to Greatly Enhance Security Officer Training Levels at Nuclear and Energy Power Plants Across the United States

CHARLOTTE, NC--(Marketwired - Jul 23, 2013) -  Phrantceena T. Halres, CEO of Total Protection Services Global (TPSG) -- America's only certified security services company focused exclusively on high threat/close proximity safety and security services for the protection of critical infrastructure assets in the corporate, nuclear, energy, and government and personal protection sectors -- today announced her company has aligned with the Nuclear Protection Academy (NuclearPro) to provide a ground-breaking education and training resource for armed and unarmed security professionals of nuclear power facilities, and also provide a workforce development program for personnel both inside and outside the nuclear industry. Online registration now underway for classes offered in Charlotte, NC and Hattiesburg, MS, with customized remote, on-site security training also available for individuals and businesses elsewhere in the country. TPSG is concurrently developing a Security Training Center of Excellence (STCE) in southern Mississippi -- a training alternative for a variety of military, law enforcement, and civilian security specialists, including foreign military and law enforcement. STCE will include mobile training units with live instructors and mentor coaching.

"The nuclear power industry is best served by the professionalization of what is perceived by some as only a blue-collar workforce," notes Halres. "The nuclear security workforce must improve its capacity to meet new and evolving security threats through more comprehensive training and education that extends well beyond mere regulatory compliance. NuclearPro will fulfill that need."

Halres continues, "In addition, today's standardized security training just isn't getting done well enough outside of the largest federal agencies and the military. There is no true industry standard for security instructional programs, so the STCE is designed to fill the gap and establish higher standards for the security industry -- particularly for civilian security forces and local law enforcement. The STCE will also bring hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars into the Hattiesburg-Gulfport region, a much needed economic boost for one of the most distressed, high-poverty regional economies in the country." 

A report by the Nuclear Energy Advisory Committee states that operators of nuclear facilities should not rely merely on the mechanical application of rules, but on real-world solutions to real-world security challenges. Classes have been designed to comply with state-level training requirements and will, therefore, be adjusted to meet specific state requirements for nuclear facilities across the country.

Classes are ongoing at NuclearPro's Charlotte, North Carolina and Hattiesburg, Mississippi locations, with monthly classes following. Application and curriculum details may be obtained by contacting NuclearPro at 888-892-9289 or may be accessed online at

About the Expert
As founder, chairman and CEO of Charlotte, NC-based Total Protection Services Global and its multiple divisions (, Phrantceena Halres leads the nation's first woman-owned business -- focused exclusively on high threat/close proximity safety and security services for the protection of critical infrastructure assets in the corporate, nuclear, energy, and government and personal protection sectors. The Nuclear Protection Academy ( is Halres' most recent business undertaking.

Halres has built an impressive reputation as a performance leader and has set the standard in her industry. As a chief figurehead in the security and safety space, she is an extraordinarily successful business professional who is passionate about raising public safety awareness and protecting the information assets of individuals, localized schools and organizations, whole communities and our nation at large, and is taking tactical action related thereto. Through her philanthropic, community, corporate, speaking and media efforts, Halres is a lauded security and safety advocate who tirelessly works to enlighten the public on the many ways security improves our lives. 

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