Enmotus Showcases FuzeDrive(TM): A New Cost Effective Approach to Creating Flexible Hybrid SSD-HDD Systems

MicroTiering(TM) Technology "Fuzes" Solid State and Hard Drives Into High Performance Virtual Volumes Supporting Real-Time Automated Data Migration

ALISO VIEJO, CA--(Marketwired - August 13, 2013) - Enmotus Inc. announced that it is demonstrating its FuzeDrive solutions at the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, CA. Based on Enmotus' MicroTiering and MicroVirtualization™ technologies, FuzeDrive "Fuzes" SSDs and HDDs into simple to manage dynamic virtual volumes. Employing a novel non-caching approach to SSD-HDD hybridization, this new method of block level automated SSD data management not only improves performance and usable capacity, but can also extend the life of SSDs by significantly reducing overhead writes. The FuzeDrive demonstration can be seen at the Flash Memory Summit, booth 217, taking place in the Santa Clara Convention Center on Aug. 13-15.

"While helping accelerate early adoption of SSDs, today's caching solutions don't always provide the results users expect. FuzeDrive avoids using traditional caching techniques, and instead borrows its concepts from intelligent real time virtualization, data movement and storage pooling techniques typically found in larger 'big iron' enterprise systems," said Andy Mills, CEO and Co-founder of Enmotus. "Optimized for high performance direct attached server side SSDs, our technology broadens the adoption of SSDs by facilitating a more evolutionary and plug and play approach to increasing storage performance," continued Mills.

"There is a clear bifurcation in the high-performance data storage market right now," said Mark Peters, Senior Analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group. "One path -- likely to continue for some time -- is incremental turns of the 'traditional networked storage engine crank'; however there is growing momentum for what can be seen as server-based, and application-focused, automated 'engine management systems.' There is broad applicability and opportunity for technologies such as that from Enmotus, which drives the efficient integration of flash and HDDs for dynamic, virtualized workloads and fits well with this new approach." 

The FuzeDrive solutions on display include:

  • OpenStack cloud server demo with tiering highlighting Toshiba's enterprise-grade 2.5" SAS SSDs and 2.5" SAS 10K RPM HDDs in a Jabil Sandy Creek 2U/24 server;
  • Windows Enterprise Server demo highlighting a PCIe NVMe SSD tiered with backend large capacity hard drives, running at over 2.7GB/s and 470K IOPs;
  • Professional applications for high end portable workstation with mSATA and multi 2.5" disk support, showing the FuzeDrive Live SSD Monitoring tools.

"Toshiba is very happy to be highlighted in the Tiering Solution demonstration by Enmotus through the deployment of Toshiba's enterprise SSD's for tiering layer acceleration and Toshiba's enterprise HDD products for primary storage within the Enmotus solutions for the data center," said George Bouchaya, Senior Vice President and CTO at Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. "Enmotus' unique approach to automated data migration clearly enables demanding applications and use cases for SSDs in environments ranging from SMB to large data centers," added Bouchaya.

Implemented as system software or embedded within a hardware controller, FuzeDrive solutions support Windows Server 2008/2012, mainstream Linux distributions and leading industry hypervisors. Embedded FuzeDrive implementations support the added ability to boot the operating system or hypervisor, including VMware ESXi 5, providing even greater flexibility and cost savings.

FuzeDrive solutions are now sampling to OEMs. For more information, contact Enmotus at Sales@enmotus.com

About Enmotus Our true tiering technology pools flash storage with traditional hard drives and dynamically moves frequently accessed data in real time to the high speed flash storage without user intervention. Responding in seconds to rapidly changing access patterns, the Enmotus solution creates a new class of affordable tiered storage that combines the capacity of hard drives with the performance of SSDs. For more information, please visit www.enmotus.com

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