ISR Reports: Knowledge, Education Have Profound Effect on US Public's Perception of and Intentions for Biosimilar Medicines

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CARY, NC--(Marketwired - Sep 5, 2013) - Industry Standard Research (ISR) today announced a new addition to their biosimilar market research report series entitled "Public Knowledge, Perceptions, and Intentions for Biologic and Biosimilar Medications."

ISR's new report presents data from a cross-section of the US population (N = 345) to outline how US patients will make decisions regarding their purchase and use of biosimilar and generic medications, as well as how they perceive medications. Additionally, ISR's quantifies how medication decision-making changes across demographic segmentations and when patients are presented with drug education.

"In our study, patients who were provided a very basic definition of biologic medicines had measurably different attitudes toward the medications compared to a control group, which did not receive the definition," explained Andrew Schafer, President of ISR.

ISR's findings suggest that patient education can have a significant impact on patients' biosimilar decision-making behaviors.

"Patients receiving the definition placed less emphasis on their physicians' recommendations and much greater emphasis on the unique characteristics of the biosimilar medication," Schafer continued.

ISR's report presents new insights for pharmaceutical and biotech professionals in anticipation of the approaching US biosimilar market. With data from ISR's report, industry professionals can better design their biosimilar commercialization strategy and patient education campaigns by understanding:

  • The US public's knowledge and perceptions of biologic and biosimilar medications
  • Patients' current beliefs about generic medicines and how those beliefs differ for "generic" biologics
  • The percentage of the US population who know whether their own prescription medications are chemical or biologic
  • Patients' trust of drug manufacturers by geographic location and pharmaceutical company-level brand familiarity

To support the launch of their newest biosimilar report, ISR has just released a new infographic discussing several topics surrounding biosimilars in the US market. The infographic is available on ISR's website at

For more information on ISR's "Public Knowledge, Perceptions, and Intentions for Biologic and Biosimilar Medications" report, please visit ISR's Web site at

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