CCP Games Hires Industry Veteran Jean-Charles Gaudechon as Executive Producer for DUST 514

Gaudechon to Lead Ongoing Development of CCP's Free-to-Play Massively Multiplayer Online First-Person-Shooter

REYKJAVIK, ICELAND--(Marketwired - Oct 8, 2013) - CCP Games, the world's leading independent developer of massively multiplayer games, today announced that veteran game producer Jean-Charles Gaudechon has been hired as the executive producer of DUST 514, CCP's groundbreaking, free-to-play first-person shooter on PlayStation®3. Gaudechon will drive future development of the persistent-world first-person-shooter DUST 514 at CCP's Shanghai studio.

Gaudechon brings his expertise to CCP following his time as executive producer at publisher Electronic Arts in Stockholm, Sweden where he oversaw the development and service of Battlefield: Play4free and Battlefield Heroes, expanding the Battlefield franchise into the free-to-play realm. Prior to that, Gaudechon led the development and launch of EA's online racing MMO Need for Speed World, taking the scope of the hit racing franchise beyond the console experience.

"In addition to his extensive experience in the free-to-play space, Jean-Charles brings a tremendous sense of product vision and creativity to DUST 514," said Sean Decker, senior vice-president of product development at CCP. "His track record of developing major online titles will serve the growth of DUST 514 very well."

Launched in May, DUST 514 is a massively multiplayer first-person shooter, exclusive to the PlayStation 3, with unmatched persistence and customization where you play in the notorious sci-fi universe of EVE Online. Since launch, millions of gamers have joined the ranks of DUST 514's immortal mercenaries in the struggle for galactic dominance. DUST 514 and EVE Online offer a combined sandbox of unprecedented intergalactic scale with the outcome of DUST 514 ground battles impacting the living universe of EVE and shifting the tide of war for legions of participants.

Gaudechon will report to Decker and will be based at the company's Shanghai studio.

"The scope and vision of DUST 514, and its integration into the massive EVE Online Universe is unparalleled, creating the largest single-shard online multi-player game to date," said Gaudechon. "I look forward to my journey with CCP as we push the boundaries of the game even farther, to an experience as large and meaningful as the EVE Universe itself."

About DUST 514®
The first of its kind, DUST 514 (PlayStation®3) is a free-to-play, premium, massively multiplayer first-person shooter directly connected to the acclaimed science-fiction game EVE Online (PC/Mac). In DUST 514, players assume the role of deadly mercenaries who fight dynamic ground wars to control planets in the EVE Universe of New Eden. Players are armed with limitless customization options including weapons, vehicles, armor, and enhanced weapons, armor and vehicles. In DUST 514 every action has real consequences that ripple across a persistent universe of countless players worldwide. For more information, visit

About CCP
CCP is the world's leading independent developer of massively multiplayer games, and has been praised for its artistry, game design and unique player-driven, infinitely scalable storytelling narratives. CCP is the creator of the critically acclaimed science-fiction game EVE Online (PC/Mac), which is celebrating an unprecedented tenth consecutive year of subscriber growth. In addition to EVE Online, CCP also develops DUST 514, a groundbreaking, free-to-play, massively multiplayer online first-person shooter for the PlayStation®3, and EVE: Valkyrie, a multiplayer spaceship dogfighting shooter, both set in the EVE Universe. CCP is also developing World of Darkness, a modern gothic horror massively multiplayer online roleplaying game based on the classic tabletop roleplaying game Vampire: The Masquerade. Founded and headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland, in 1997, CCP is privately held, with additional offices in Atlanta, Newcastle, San Francisco, and Shanghai. For more information, visit

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Jean-Charles Gaudechon hired as executive producer of Dust 514.