In Wake of September 11th Disaster, Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation and Its President David Bohn Help Rebuild

REDDING, CT--(Marketwired - Oct 10, 2013) - September 11, 2001 marked a tragic low point for America. Not only were thousands of lives lost, but the United States lost two iconic buildings, both of which represented our status as a free and prosperous nation.

To this day David Bohn, the President of Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation since 1995, mourns the tragic loss of life associated with the terrorist attacks on New York City. As the country continues to rebuild, Preferred Utilities will play a pivotal role in the construction of World Trade Center 3.

Slated for completion in 2016, Tower 3 (3WTC) will be powered, in part, by an innovative fuel delivery system designed by Preferred Utilities. Although not the tallest of the new WTC buildings, 3WTC will stand a staggering 80 stories above the ground, and feature office floors as large as 44,000 square feet.

Having gained an outstanding reputation for designing and developing industrial oil and gas burners, as well as boiler controls, nuclear power components and combustion equipment, David Bohn's team was a natural choice to supply the new super skyscraper with a backup generation system.

Each one of Preferred Utilities' products are manufactured to meet the client's specific requirement, 3WTC proving no exception. Due to its customized fuel delivery system and pioneering architecture, the new system will keep power flowing to 3WTC, regardless of how long the power goes out. In order to ensure this high level of functionality, the system was customized to include a backup diesel supply, priming funnels, position switches and twin duplex strainers. Also equipped is a 10 inch touchscreen display with Fuel Sentry.

Designed to meet the high safety standards set by the state of New York, the new building will strive to achieve an elusive LEED Gold standard in the energy efficiency.

Bohn has been part of the Connecticut-based Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation since 1988. Originally employed as a salesman, David Bohn was promoted to New England District Sales Manager. Shortly thereafter, he became Vice President of Sales and, finally, President. Since acquiring his new position, Bohn has increased annual revenues by 233 percent. His primary focuses include increasing productivity, developing new markets, and encouraging profitability.

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