Magma Launches ROBEN-3: A More Powerful, More Versatile, Rack-mountable Computer Expansion

ROBEN-3, Available In Three Thunderbolt Expansion And Two PCI Express Configurations, the Perfect Mac Pro Sidekick

San Diego, California, UNITED STATES

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 6, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Magma announced the specifications, price and availability for the new ROBEN-3 line of computer expansion systems, featuring Thunderbolt™ and Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) connectivity in a package that is powerful, versatile and rack-mountable. Engineered to Magma's "mission critical" standards for performance and reliability, ROBEN-3 offers three full-length/full-height PCIe slots and can accept 5.25-inch peripherals, up to eight 2.5-inch drives, or an internal Mac mini. To support all of the system capabilities, ROBEN-3 systems feature Magma's exclusive Quiet Temperature Controlled (QTC) cooling and a 540-Watt power supply. When integrated with Magma's patented performance optimizing backplane, the ROBEN-3 is the most powerful and versatile expansion system that Magma has ever developed.

"ROBEN-3 incorporates the best technology from our 'mission critical' defense and aerospace systems," said Magma president, Tim Miller. "With this system's high performance potential, capacity for customization, and Thunderbolt connectivity, ROBEN-3 is the perfect sidekick for the new Apple Mac Pro."

The ROBEN-3 system comes in three distinct Thunderbolt configurations, TX, TS and TM. All models offer three full-length/full-height PCIe slots. The TX model offers two 5.25-inch expansion bays. In the TS model, the 5.25-inch expansion bays are replaced with eight 2.5-inch hard drive bays. The TM model offers the capability to integrate an Apple Mac mini directly into the chassis and accommodates a securable USB iLok. All model configurations include a 540-watt power supply and auxiliary power cables, and QTC cooling.  From initial concept, the ROBEN-3 Thunderbolt configurations have been precision engineered to make them the "perfect sidekick" for the new Apple Mac Pro.

For non-Thunderbolt applications, ROBEN-3 also offers PCI Express, Generation-2 connection capability.  The PCI Express enabled models are available in standard 5.25-inch expansion bay configuration, and 2.5-inch hard drive configurations.  The versatility of the ROBEN-3 PCI Express models mirror that of the Thunderbolt-equipped TX and TS models.  All ROBEN-3 systems feature Magma's performance optimized backplane that insures that all devices that are installed in the system operate with maximum possible speed, and with guaranteed data integrity.  This design gives audio engineers, video producers, game developers, and graphic designers the same level of data fidelity that had previously been reserved for defense and aerospace industry projects.

"ROBEN-3 is a direct reflection of our company's sixteen years of experience in computer expansion and connectivity for test and measurement, surveillance, aerospace and defense industries," said Magma CEO, Randy Jones. "We take the time to get it right with our products, because our customers demand perfection.  That's why I am comfortable saying that ROBEN is not just a sidekick for creative professionals.  ROBEN is the ultimate sidekick." ROBEN-3 customers have the option of using the systems in a desktop or rack-mounted configuration, adding higher versatility to their workflow.  Also, by simply connecting two or more ROBEN-3 systems in a series, customers can create the performance equivalent of a server, but without the typical cost and complexity. 

ROBEN 3 Thunderbolt and PCI Express pricing, starting at:


  • ROBEN-3TX - $1,399
  • ROBEN-3TM - $1,799
  • ROBEN-3TS - $1,799

PCI Express:

  • ROBEN-3PX2 - $2,599
  • ROBEN-3PS2 - $2,999

The rack-mounted versions are $100 more.
The ROBEN-3 will be shipping in North America by the end of November and worldwide in December. Initial availability will be exclusively through Magma authorized resellers. Contact your favorite Authorized Magma Reseller to place your order:

About Magma

Magma develops and manufactures expansion computing solutions using Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI), Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe), and Thunderbolt Systems for servers, desktops and portable computing platforms.  Magma's line of products includes enclosed and non-enclosed solutions ranging from single slot expansion products to fault-tolerant, Reliable Available Serviceable (RAS) systems specifically designed for mission critical environments.  Magma products are platform independent and are used in a variety of industries including audio and video production, test and measurement, medical imaging, surveillance, aerospace and defense, telecommunications, data acquisition, and high performance computing.  Magma's team of experienced engineers has been developing expansion and connectivity solutions since 1987 and holds more than a dozen technology patents, making them a pioneer and leader in the market space.  All Magma products are designed and assembled in the United States.  For more information about Magma visit  

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