Top Ten Snowmobiling Safety Tips from Foremost(R)

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Jan. 20, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It's that time of year again, when the days get shorter and nights get colder. Snow could fall anytime in many parts of the country, leaving nicely powdered trails for snowmobile enthusiasts to enjoy. Foremost Insurance Group, one of the nation's leading insurers of snowmobiles, wants all winter sports enthusiasts to enjoy the season in a safe manner and is offering a list of important safety tips to help keep riders safe this season.

"Many snowmobile accidents are a result of a lack of safety knowledge, which is why we like to remind everyone to use caution and common sense," says Kevin Henry, senior product manager for Foremost. "Snowmobiling is a great winter activity and Foremost wants your adventures to be both fun and safe."
Foremost offers their top ten tips to help riders stay safe while enjoying the powdery trails:

•    Be aware of the conditions and slow down at night.
Check out the weather forecast prior to riding. Slow down at night, especially around frozen water and in the mountains.

•    Be smart.
Use the proper signals to identify your intentions to other drivers around you. Keep your speed in line with the conditions and with your level of experience.

•    Be prepared.
Always bring a first-aid kit and survival items such as a flashlight, knife, compass, flares, and a fire starting kit.

•    Don't drink and drive.
There is a misconception that alcohol will keep you warm. In reality, it increases your risk of hypothermia and also slows your reaction time and decreases your ability to make good decisions.

•    Don't ride solo.
Snowmobiling is more fun when you can enjoy the adventure with friends and family. If you decide to ride alone, be sure to tell someone where you are going and when you will return.

•    Dress properly.
Wear protective gear such as a safety-certified helmet, warm gloves, a windproof outer layer and boots.

•    Know the laws and regulations.
State laws and regulations may vary; therefore, you should check with the local Department of Natural Resources or law enforcement agencies to familiarize yourself with the rules in your area.

•    Know you're protected.
Be sure you have proper insurance coverage to protect your vehicle and provide liability coverage in case someone gets injured or property is damaged during the use of your machine.

•    Maintain your snowmobile.
When you pull your sled out of storage, perform a thorough check to make sure that everything is working properly. Before each ride, it is important to follow a checklist in your owner's manual.

•    Tread lightly and respect nature.
Ride only in areas where it's permitted. Wait for enough snow to cover vegetation, avoid running over trees and shrubs and don't disturb wildlife around you.

Foremost wants you to be safe in your travels. To learn more about Foremost products or to share feedback, visit, our blog at, our Facebook page at or our Twitter page at

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