The Moriche Palm Brazilian Diet: A New Year, A New You!

Los Angeles, CA, Jan. 24, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Achieve the body image you've been striving for! Ladies, the diet of the 'New Year' is finally here, and The Moriche Palm™ Brazilian Diet will help you sculpt sexy curves while losing weight and reducing your belly fat. Get the body type you want this year! Most women do not relate to the skin and bones body type anymore, and every girl has a unique shape. So it is time to try a diet that is as unique as you. The Moriche Palm™ Brazilian Diet is formulated to accentuate the shape of a woman's figure naturally. By utilizing the nutrients in the diet, women lose stubborn belly fat while contouring sexy curves in a healthy and natural way.

The Moriche Palm™ Dietary Supplements are made with Brazilian berries and herbs to slim and tone the mid-section; while The Moriche Palm™ Body Firming Crème is designed to target those "glutes" by providing intense firming, toning, and tightening benefits. This year make your resolution to lose weight come to life. The Moriche Palm™ diet helps women who prefer a curvaceous body type reach their fitness goals.

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About The Moriche Palm™ Brazilian Diet: Traditionally women in Brazil refer to the exotic Moriche Palm Fruit as the "curvy fruit" because of its superior weight loss and unique figure enhancing benefits. The Moriche Palm™ Brazilian Diet Herbal Supplements ($59.99) utilize the main nutrient found in the fruit and combine it with the nutrients found in super Acai Berry, Jamaican Plantains, and Alfalfa Leaf. The result is like no other diet because it truly transforms the body through the natural process of binding up stubborn belly fats while flushing out toxins and waste. It's 100% natural - stimulant and caffeine free. The fruity diet formula provides the highest source of fiber, antioxidants, and naturally occurring estrogen found in fruit. Additionally, The Moriche Palm™ Brazilian Diet Herbal Cream ($59.99) remarkably lifts, shapes, and defines the natural curvature of the hips and buttocks while helping you effortlessly achieve more envious curves in just 30-days. The Moriche Palm™ Complete System, including the Herbal Supplements and Herbal Creme is $79.98. With ambassadors like Dominica Westling, Claudia Jordan, Rosa Acosta, Chanta Patton, and playmate Tanyka Renee, The Moriche Palm™ Brazilian Diet is revolutionizing not just a look, but a lifestyle.