Xtreme Consulting Group Releases Free Virtual Machine Migration Tool

Xtreme VM Migrator allows your business to escape the high cost of VMware

Kirkland, Washington, UNITED STATES

Kirkland, WA, Jan. 29, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Xtreme Consulting Group, Inc. today launched the Xtreme VM Migrator, a specialized product to assist in the migration of workloads from your existing VMware environment to Hyper-V. The official release will take place during the third annual System Center Universe (SCU) Conference on January 30, 2014.

Data center migrations are large-scale projects. High costs, lost business productivity due to virtual machine downtime, and time required to both design and complete the migration are some of the obstacles associated with migrating workloads from VMware to Hyper-V. However, the Xtreme VM Migrator tool overcomes these challenges, making migrations a near-painless transition. With Xtreme VM Migrator's end-to-end solution, you can migrate from VMware to Hyper-V in just a few minutes with minimal downtime.

"Xtreme VM Migrator was designed to minimize business disruption and virtual machine downtime, and to work across all storage and Windows Server platforms," explains Tim Mintner, Xtreme Principal Consultant and head of the Xtreme VM Migrator development team.

Xtreme VM Migrator offers a highly efficient and compatible migration solution, providing complete and orchestrated automation that can be integrated into an organization's existing workflow. Built on top of Microsoft-supported technologies, Xtreme VM Migrator provides a smooth transition with Microsoft support, and integrates with tools familiar to the customer. The quick and efficient migration from VMware to Hyper-V allows for little downtime and therefore has a low impact on business.

Migrations are simplified with Xtreme VM Migrator; the technology discovers all of the virtual machines that are running in the VMware environment and migrates those virtual machines to the Hyper-V environment, including all of the virtual machine settings, while minimizing the amount of downtime needed during the migration. Xtreme VM Migrator works in conjunction with System Center Virtual Machine Manager and System Center Orchestrator to provide a flexible, automated solution.

Xtreme has a long history of developing automation and migration solutions in conjunction with Microsoft. Xtreme VM Migrator leverages those experiences with a wealth of Hyper-V knowledge acquired by hosting significant events, such as the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) on the topic of large Hyper-V clusters.

Tony Richardson, Xtreme CTO and Co-Founder, looks forward to providing Xtreme's clients with a powerful solution for migrations. "We work with a lot of clients that run both VMware and Hyper-V in their environments and found that the biggest reason they had not considered migrating to Hyper-V was because they lacked the proper guidance to do so. We are excited to offer Xtreme VM Migrator as a solution to customers that will reduce the total cost of their server virtualization and realize all the benefits of Hyper-V."

The Xtreme VM Migrator tool is available for free download here*. In addition to the free version, Xtreme will also offer a System Center Orchestrator integration pack for purchase separately to fully automate the migration. 

For more information and product demonstration, contact us at infoVMmigrator@xtremeconsulting.com or visit the product page at www.xtremeconsulting.com/vmmigrator.

*The free download includes the fully functional migration engine that can be used to discover and migrate virtual machines.

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