RSA Attendees Have a Chance to Have Their 2015 RSA Conference Pass Paid for by Authentify

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SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 24, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RSA Conference 2014: Authentify, Inc. exhibiting at its 14th consecutive RSA Conference today announced that RSA Conference attendees who successfully conclude a free trial of Authentify's new mobile platform for end user authentication, Authentify xFA, and sign a Master Services Agreement will receive a delegate's pass for the 2015 RSA Conference paid for by Authentify. A full pass to the 2014 Conference is a $2,595 value.

The promotion is intended to call attention to the xFA platform and the momentum it has built including its use in three NIST, National Strategy for Identity in Cyberspace (NSTIC) pilot projects.

"There are plenty of freebies given away at the conference," said John Zurawski, the vice president of marketing for Authentify. "Authentify wanted to offer potential customers something different and useful. Why not offer a pass to the event next year?"

To be eligible to have their 2015 RSA Conference pass paid for, an attendee will have to sign up for a 90-day trial of Authentify's new xFA platform. The trial will also have to end successfully for both Authentify and the attendee's organization, including signing a Master Services Agreement, but according to Zurawski, "That would be a win-win situation."

About Authentify, Inc.

Authentify, Inc. is the leading innovator of global phone-based, out-of-band authentication services and is ranked as a visionary in the Gartner Research, Magic Quadrant for end user authentication. These services enable organizations that need strong security to quickly and cost-effectively add 2-factor or 3-factor authentication layers to sensitive user activities including login, transaction verification and critical account data changes such as adding a payee to an e-pay or wire account. Authentify markets primarily to corporate security, e-commerce, e-payment and financial services firms that need to protect accounts from compromise or other exploits against digital assets.

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