ISR Identifies Patterns of Unmet Needs Amongst US Patients Suffering From Headaches

Informing the Pharmaceutical Drug Development and Commercialization Industry

CARY, NC--(Marketwired - Mar 5, 2014) - Industry Standard Research (ISR) has announced the release of a new market research report titled "Headaches: Current Treatments, Unmet Needs, and Patient Recruitment." This report surveyed 209 US-based patients who suffer from chronic cluster headaches, tension headaches, or migraines to identify patterns and preferences surrounding the needs, treatments, and side-effects of patients living with these conditions.

"This report provides novel insights into the patient condition, as well as patterns of unmet needs that correlate to patients' social status, family history, diagnosis pathway, and treatment experience," explained Andrew Schafer, President of ISR. "For drug manufacturers, this report represents an opportunity to better understand the challenges their patients face and enhance development and commercial activities to address the unmet needs of their patients."

ISR presents data regarding statistically significant differences between demographic segments. These segments were defined as: condition, insurance provider, likelihood to enroll in a clinical trial, primary treating physician, length of time since diagnosis, severity of symptoms, age, income, number of treatments, and current treatments.

With ISR's report biopharmaceutical companies and their service providers can:

  • Quickly get a baseline for "a day in the life" of a severe headache sufferer. Learn about their conditions, quality of life, headache triggers, unmet needs, and treatment satisfaction
  • Talk in patient-centric language and design marketing and advertising plans to account for the current issues and unmet patient needs
  • Improve protocol design and patient recruitment efforts by incorporating socio-economic and treatment-specific messages into your plans
  • Understand what types of physicians patients are seeing and what is impacting their medication treatment decisions

For more information about ISR's "Headaches: Current Treatments, Unmet Needs, and Patient Recruitment" report, including the ability to download a free report preview, please visit ISR's web site at

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