Photo Release -- Multiquip Inc., a Leading Power Generator Manufacturer Chooses Exa's Simulations to Develop Quieter, More Efficient Generators

Burlington, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

BURLINGTON, Mass., March 19, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Multiquip, the manufacturer of MQ Power® generators recently chose Exa® Corporation (Nasdaq:EXA), a global innovator of fluids simulation solutions for product engineering, to help them evaluate and reduce noise propagation from their containerized power generators. Using Exa's aeroacoustic and aerodynamic highly accurate simulations, Multiquip engineers were able to evaluate and optimize their generator design.

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In the design of housing for large equipment there is always a tradeoff between ventilation and noise. The Multiquip team quickly discovered Exa's suite of products could not only accurately simulate the container acoustics, including the modeling of absorbing materials, but also help the designers make them more efficient through combined aerodynamic and aeroacoustic simulations and virtual design optimization. Multiquip ran numerous fully complex, transient simulations that included the generator's rotating fan. Initial simulation results quickly confirmed Exa's accuracy. Torsten Erbel, Multiquip Vice President of Product Management, Engineering and Customer Support remarked, "Exa's noise prediction validation data correlated within two decibels of our experimental data. After the initial validation runs, we had complete confidence in their solutions."

Noise propagation to the outside from all sides of Multiquip's 1000kW Containerized Power Generators had historically been measured with outdoor testing using physical prototypes — an expensive, error-prone and time consuming solution. Exa's application engineers worked with Multiquip to evaluate both far field acoustics (distance) as well as noise within the container itself. Using Exa PowerFLOW® and PowerACOUSTICS®, engineers carefully measured, analyzed and eventually optimized individual component designs exclusively through simulation. "Although noise attenuation of the container was the primary concern of this project, airflow patterns and noise generated by the fan were very important to us. A lot of companies are doing noise analysis prediction, but Exa has a unique advantage in offering combined noise and flow analysis simultaneously — a true cost savings for the manufacturer," remarked Pat Weaver, Multiquip Senior Engineer.

Multiquip has done additional evaluations on the performance of new acoustic insulation materials. These include extensive louver design optimizations to balance exterior noise reduction while maintaining proper cooling airflow, and exhaust noise modeling. Exa has also analyzed Multiquip's new 1500kW container and the results indicate a significant noise reduction. Weaver stated, "We are pleased to have a solution that addresses the power generation market needs so well."

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