LEWISBURG, PA--(Marketwired - May 19, 2014) - Playworld Systems, a leading playground manufacturer committed to saving outdoor unstructured play, today announced Home Dome, a new climber in its early childhood product offering. 

Home Dome is the industry's first combination climbing dome and playhouse. The two-in-one product features easy-to-climb rungs, inviting perch points and engaging playhouse cues to make children ages 2-5 feel right at home. Home Dome helps develop children's spatial relationships and social skills. Additionally, upper-body strength is developed through various swinging, hanging and climbing activities. Every aspect of Home Dome has been especially designed for the developmental needs of younger children and is the only climbing dome in the industry appropriate for children ages 2-5.

"It's been-well documented that outdoor unstructured free play is critical to early childhood development. With this in mind, we reimagined the traditional climbing dome so that it offers various play elements aiding in social, cognitive and physical development for young children," said Michael Laris, director of product development and strategy at Playworld Systems. "Home Dome brings fun back to outdoor play and kids learn and grow along the way."

Caregivers and parents will appreciate Home Dome's various lines of sight, easy access interior so they can go inside the dome with the children, and an exterior designed so that they can easily assist children on all heights of the dome. The compact design combines multiple play patterns into one structure, saving money and space.

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