IDG Enterprise Advances Programmatic Premium Programs for Tech Marketers

Farrah Forbes Promoted to Data Strategy Lead

Framingham, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

FRAMINGHAM, MA--(Marketwired - May 20, 2014) -  IDG Enterprise -- the leading enterprise technology media company comprising Computerworld, InfoWorld, Network World, CIO, DEMO, CSO, ITworld, CFOworld and CITEworld -- announces the expansion of its Premium Data Services and focus on utilizing IDG Enterprise's first-party data to build programmatic premium advertising programs. Premium Data Services is a suite of products and services that utilizes technology and robust data to gain a deeper understanding of premium site visitors; in turn, enabling advertising customers to leverage the data to extend their reach and improve their overall marketing efforts.

Programmatic premium uses first-party visitor data captured on IDG Enterprise owned and operated sites based on taxonomy and content interests to target advertising programs. This premium audience of technology and security decision-makers has a high level of purchase involvement and budget authority as well as a history of returning to the IDG Enterprise portfolio of sites for content. Marketers can target messaging to this audience, as well as scale reach and incorporate third-party data through the IDG Data Management Platform (DMP).

IDG Enterprise has established four main ways to utilize data to communicate the right marketing messages with the right audience:

  • Off the Shelf: Targets site visitors based on interests aligning with site taxonomy. Messages can be reinforced as visitors travel beyond IDG Enterprise's owned and operated sites to the IDG TechNetwork of sites.
  • First-Party Data: Using unique data visitors are targeted based on their reading and download activity on IDG Enterprise sites and beyond.
  • Custom Data: Integrates first-party data with our DMP's third-party data (ie industry, company size, job title), creating a combined segment that can be matched as visitors are on IDG Enterprise sites and as they travel across the IDG TechNetwork sites.
  • Bring Your Own Data: Advertisers can supply data through IDG's DMP that retargets visitors with specific demographics or touch points across the IDG Enterprise sites and the IDG TechNetwork.

"Artificial intelligence and big data has radically changed the course of digital advertising, providing the ability to target messaging to the right technology decision-maker at the right time," said Matthew Yorke, CEO of IDG Enterprise. "Data will continue to play a vital role in media and technology marketers' digital strategy. To help marketers navigate data transformation and elevate their campaigns with our premium audience, IDG Enterprise has appointed a senior dedicated resource. I am delighted to announce that Farrah Forbes will lead IDG Enterprise's data strategy."

Forbes brings more than 10 years of digital media and technology experience to this role, including sales and leadership roles for InfoWorld, ITworld, Computerworld and ZiffDavis. She has established a strong expertise in integrating data strategies into marketing plans for clients and a programmatic approach to developing media campaigns.

"I am very excited to be leading IDG Enterprise's efforts in this area," said Farrah Forbes, VP Digital Sales, InfoWorld & Data Strategy, IDG Enterprise. "Being a trusted technology content resource, IDG Enterprise has a deep understanding into the types of content and topics that IT leaders are spending time with. We are able to incorporate this unparalleled insight into our advertisers' digital campaigns and provide a unique opportunity to engage with our visitors who align with their specific parameters -- and to scale their programs. This transparency helps marketers build smarter campaigns and drive results for their business."

To learn more about IDG Enterprise's Premium Data Services, contact Farrah Forbes at

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