Authentify Sponsors Webinar on Strong User Authentication in Mobile Environments

Managing Threats and Cybercrime is the New Normal

Chicago, Illinois, UNITED STATES

CHICAGO, June 2, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Authentify, Inc., the leading innovator in the use of the telephone as an authentication tool, today announced a new webinar recommending the use of 2-factor security measures to bolster the security of mobile commerce and the existing network security for mobile devices. Recent increases in online threats and cyberattacks have made a second factor approach the new normal for security managers and administrators.

Considering the promise of mobile financial services is to engage customers and interact in ways that weren't possible before mobile devices became pervasive, this convenience requires stronger authentication of mobile users for access and transaction verification for mobile safety and success.

This webinar seeks to answer questions like, "how can a single mobile phone serve as both the transaction device and a strong authentication device?" or "how do I match the type of authentication to the transaction device my customer is using, while maximizing convenience and minimizing risk?" The differences between achieving out-of-band and out-of-channel authentication in mobile environments will be explained, and participants will hear how out-of-channel communications can be secured and used for authentication or transaction verification processes. Additionally, the webinar will cover the potential for "future-proofing" the authentication architecture to protect against threats and regulatory actions that may arise tomorrow.

Who: Peter G. Tapling, president & CEO of Authentify, will present his views on stronger
  authentication practices for mobile to mitigate risk for users and enterprises. Tapling
  will be joined during the presentation by Andy Rolfe, chief technology officer of Authentify
What: Strong User Authentication in Mobile Environments
When:   Wednesday, June 4, 1 p.m. EDT
Where:   Online - Register now at:

Media are welcomed to participate.

About Authentify, Inc.

Authentify, Inc. is a global provider of phone-based, out-of-band authentication and a sponsor level supporter of the FIDO alliance. Authentify's services enable organizations that need strong security to quickly and cost-effectively add 2-factor, 3-factor or more authentication layers to sensitive user activities. These include login, transaction verification and critical account data changes such as password changes, adding a payee to an e-pay or wire account. Authentify executes millions of user authentications events daily on behalf of clients operating in more than 130 countries and holds more than 30 North American and International security patents. For more information please visit: