Low VA Rates Helps Support Families of Deployed Troops

LowVARates assists Protect Our Troops to run and organize its 5th annual charity golf tournament and was able to raise thousands of dollars to help military families in need.

LINDON, Utah, July 8, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LowVARates recently sponsored the 5th annual Protect Our Troops charity golf tournament to raise money for military families across the nation in need.

The golf tournament has raised thousands of dollars over the past five years to assist military families that have a loved one deployed receive a free home alarm system while they are away serving our country.

Owner and President of LowVARates, Eric Kandell, loves supporting this tournament and helping military families receive peace of mind with a home security system.

"This is one of our favorite events to support every year because it's a great cause and really helps military families protect their loved ones while they are fighting for our freedoms." Kandell said. "We have had a great partnership with Protect Our Troops and look forward to continuing to support the golf tournament in the future."

Protect Our Troops is dedicated to providing alarm systems to military families with deployed spouses. The organization helps military families receive peace of mind while spouses are away.

Thousands of troops deploy every month leaving family members behind with no protection. Protect Our Troops is constantly striving to raise money to help our nations troops receive quality home protection particularly during deployments.

100% of the golf tournament profits go to helping military families cover the cost of a home alarm system. The money raised from the golf tournament has helped hundreds of families receive free home alarm monitoring while they are deployed.

LowVARates is dedicated to giving back to military families and has provided many contests, scholarships, promotions & donations to help military and show its appreciation for the sacrifices the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces make for our country.

Because of its passion and loyalty to our troops, LowVARates has been a huge supporter of the Protect Our Troops golf tournament and loves helping families with someone deployed.

"This is the fifth year we have helped and participated in the Protect Our Troops golf tournament and we are proud to sponsor and help out a great organization," Kandell said. "It's wonderful to give back to the troops that sacrifice their lives for us by serving military deployments."

To sign up or sponsor any portion of the 2015 Protect Our Troops golf tournament, please contact LowVARates at 801-341-7048 or email pr@lowvarates.com.


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