Trustlook's 6-Month Old Antivirus Achieves Over 99% Protection in 2014 AV-Test Endurance Assessment

Trustlook Security Solution Provides Highest Usability and Superb Performance

About Trustlook, Inc.

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - August 05, 2014) - Trustlook's Antivirus, just 6 months old, has detected over 99% of all viruses and malwares in the AV-Test performance assessment along with a flawless usability score. The AV-Test assessment is a comprehensive review of antivirus solutions provided by AV-Test Independent IT-Security Institute, a leading international researcher in the field of security.

AV-Test's assessment consists of a review of 29 different mobile antivirus programs, with scoring metrics in fields from comprehensiveness of detection, performance, usability and other key features. Trustlook, a one year old startup, completed the test with flying colors with perfect 6/6 usability and 99.24% protection, performing well over industry average.

Since its debut in 2013, Trustlook has remained one the leading security providers on the Android mobile platform, but Trustlook isn't resting just yet. "We are happy with these results but we're not going to rest on our laurels.  Moving forward I know we can do even better." - Allan Zhang, Trustlook's CEO and founder, said on the subject.

Founded in Silicon Valley, Trustlook is a global leader in next-generation mobile security solutions. Trustlook pioneers provide the world's first APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) solutions which detect and address zero-day vulnerabilities and advanced malware. The Trustlook team consists of security industry veterans who are based in Silicon Valley. For more information, please visit

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