Photo Release -- Exa PowerDELTA 2.1 Release Enables Optimization and Design Space Exploration

Burlington, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

BURLINGTON, Mass., Aug. 20, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Exa® Corporation (Nasdaq:EXA), a global innovator of fluids simulation solutions for product engineering, today announced the release of PowerDELTA® 2.1. Simulation-based design has created a strong demand for automated design studies and optimization and this latest release offers innovative new features that enable automated generation of the many design variations needed with this powerful technique. PowerDELTA automates the entire simulation mesh preparation process and PowerDELTA's patented, real-time, studio-quality morphing and lattice creation techniques enable rapid creation of simulation-ready design variants — saving manufacturers significant time as they scale their use of simulation.

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"The use of statistical methods to improve product designs is becoming an important part of the product development process," stated Alexander Mackenzie, Vice President of Product Management for Exa. "They are used in the early stages for design space exploration, to give design and engineering teams a complete understanding of the tradeoffs between design variables and performance requirements across the entire potential design space. They are equally used for optimization in the later stages of product development, to automatically search and refine the design to gain every last opportunity for performance improvement." PowerDELTA 2.1 offers customers a way to maximize their human and hardware resources by automating the preparation the large numbers design model variations needed to drive the simulations used in design space exploration studies.

By combining several of PowerDELTA's infinitely variable, lattice morphs it's easy to define a complete, parametrically variable, design space. Optimization engines can then drive PowerDELTA to automatically generate all needed design variants. PowerDELTA 2.1 significantly reduces the time required to create these design spaces with powerful new lattice creation techniques, including the ability to adaptively fit lattices to the mesh geometry and easily combining multiple overlapping lattices.

PowerDELTA 2.1 further streamlines the simulation mesh model creation process with interactive 3D capabilities to rapidly split, merge, unite, and partition thousands of input CAD or mesh components and brings users improved interactive performance.

PowerDELTA 2.1 Feature Highlights

  • Patented, real-time, studio-quality morphing technology
  • Adaptively fit morphing lattices to the mesh geometry for fast preparation
  • Easily combine multiple overlapping lattices
  • Highly efficient, interactive 3D sorting and organizing of input CAD data
  • Automated, template-driven, mesh generation

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PowerDELTA 2.1 Enables Optimization and Design Space Exploration