Magnitude 6.0 Napa Earthquake Within 25 Miles of at Least 6 QuakeFinder Research Stations

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 27, 2014) - Work has begun at QuakeFinder to analyze data from the M 6.0 earthquake that occurred at 3:20 am local time on August 24 near Napa, California. Several of the 168 sensor stations of QuakeFinder's global network were within 25 miles of the epicenter. Our Napa Valley site was the closest, about 10 miles away. With this data, QuakeFinder hopes to make dramatic breakthroughs in earthquake forecasting, on the order of days and weeks prior to an earthquake, using electromagnetic signatures detectable by sensitive magnetometers.

QuakeFinder founder Tom Bleier notes, "This is the quake we have been waiting for at QuakeFinder. Because of the combination of large magnitude and proximity to multiple sites, the data from this earthquake gives us an unprecedented opportunity to correlate signatures in the data and hopefully identify even more significant pre-quake signal characteristics than we have been able to identify thus far."

QuakeFinder's mission is to save lives by forecasting earthquakes. QuakeFinder is actively researching short-term earthquake forecasting and is expanding its sensor network to gather critical supporting data. QuakeFinder has identified electromagnetic indicators in the days preceding major earthquakes in California and Peru.

About Stellar Solutions and QuakeFinder
Stellar Solutions is an engineering services company providing end-to-end technical expertise and problem-solving skills to significant national and international aerospace programs, including defense-related intelligence projects, international telecommunications satellites, commercial imagery satellites and NASA's planetary and earth science missions. QuakeFinder is a Humanitarian Research and Development effort sponsored by Stellar Solutions. More information is available at or

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