Magma Receives Myricom Certification for Thunderbolt Line of Expansion Chassis

Certification Achieved for Magma Expansion Line with Myricom PCIe Networking Cards


SAN DIEGO, Calif., Sept. 2, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - Magma announced today that it has received certification for its line of Thunderbolt expansion chassis to house the complete family of Myricom PCIe networking cards from CSP Inc. (CSPI). To receive certification, Magma worked closely with CSPI to follow a comprehensive system certification process, which included rigorous connectivity and performance tests. This important certification allows customers to confidently and securely connect to networks via CSPI's Myricom PCIe adapter cards for optimal performance.

"We are very pleased to receive Myricom certification for our line of Thunderbolt expansion chassis," said Tim Miller, president of Magma. "We appreciate the support we received from CSPI's Myricom team and look forward to working with them to further expand high performance computing capabilities for our customers."

Myricom 10GbE network adapters achieve extreme performance by leveraging a hardware PCIe add-in card platform coupled with the most time-proven, high-performance Mac device drivers in the industry. The latest Myricom 10GBASE-T adapters enable users to take advantage of the overall lower 10GBASE-T connection costs without having to sacrifice performance. The Myricom products also offer adaptable value-added software packages that run on the network adapters. This hardware + software architecture provides customers extreme networking performance in a broad range of applications, keeping them at the leading edge of both performance and value-added features.

Magma has worked extensively with numerous OEMs to verify compatibility of their family of expansion chassis. The Thunderbolt line of expansion chassis includes the popular ExpressBox 1T, ExpressBox 3T, and ROBEN-3 series. To optimize system performance, consumers should contact their Magma sales representative to receive assistance on component selection recommendations based on their application requirements.

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About Magma

Magma develops and manufactures expansion computing solutions using Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI), Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe), and Thunderbolt Systems for servers, desktops and portable computing platforms. Magma's line of products includes enclosed and non-enclosed solutions ranging from single slot expansion products to fault-tolerant, Reliable Available Serviceable (RAS) systems specifically designed for mission critical environments.

Magma products are platform independent and are used in a variety of industries including audio and video production, test and measurement, medical imaging, surveillance, aerospace and defense, telecommunications, data acquisition, and high performance computing. Magma's team of experienced engineers has been developing expansion and connectivity solutions since 1987 and holds more than a dozen technology patents, making them a pioneer and leader in the market space. All Magma products are designed and assembled in the United States. For more information about Magma visit

About CSP Inc. / Myricom

Based in Billerica, Massachusetts and founded in 1968, CSP Inc. and its subsidiaries develop and market IT integration solutions and high-performance computer systems to meet the diverse requirements of our industrial, commercial, and defense customers worldwide.

CSP, Inc.'s High Performance Products & Solutions segment includes the MultiComputer Division, which designs and manufactures commercial high-performance computer signal processing systems for a variety of complex real time applications in defense and commercial markets. The Company also owns Myricom, a pioneer in high performance computing interconnect technology. Founded in 1970, Modcomp, Inc. is part of CSPI's Information Technology Solutions segment, and has offices in North America and Europe. Modcomp provides solutions and services for complex IT environments including disaster recovery, mobility, managed services, security, data center management, and collaboration. More information about CSP, Inc. is available at To learn more about Myricom or Modcomp, Inc., please visit and

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