Calgary Chiropractor Declares September Teacher Appreciation Month

CALGARY, Alberta, Sept. 14, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Calgary Chiropractic at Acadia Wellness Centre is announcing Teacher Appreciation Month. The chiropractic practice will observe Teacher Appreciation for the entire month of September with special offers that include a $59 massage (which has a normal rate of $90 per hour) and a free chiropractic exam, which would otherwise cost $140.

Calgary Chiropractic at Acadia Wellness Centre has made the entire month of September teacher appreciation month. For the remainder of the month, teachers get a special price on massage treatments and a complimentary chiropractic exam. Dr. Travis Cox, DC of Calgary Chiropractic at Acadia Wellness Centre is thrilled to offer special rates to teachers. "I'm excited for the opportunity to give back to the people who give so much to our community – especially to the children of our community," he said.

Dr. Cox believes this is an opportunity for him and his staff to do a public service of their own to a profession that serves the community, and its children, on a daily basis. "I like to think of this as our way of giving back. Teachers give up a lot to do what they do, and it's not for the fringe benefits. I can make it feel like one, for at least one month of the year."

The full service chiropractic center offers chiropractic care, massage, pain management treatment, and car accident and whiplash treatment. The chiropractor recommends that teachers take advantage of this suite of services to care of themselves. He emphasizes that finding natural ways to heal pain allows educators to continue to concentrate on what matters – being mentally present with the kids in their classrooms and not focusing on persistent neck or back pain.

The practice will also offer free screenings of the movie Doctored, which explores how big medicine has shone unfounded doubt on alternative medicine fields, including the chiropractic field of medicine. The movie will be screen directly at the practice throughout the month. The movie also discusses the ways in which the medical industry views the patients it is meant to serve. Dr. Cox recommends the film for teachers and other members of the community who are interested in beginning a discussion about how chiropractic care and other natural healing techniques are a viable alternative to traditional medical care.

Teachers in need of a little extra pampering or pain relief as the school year kicks into gear throughout September are encouraged to book a reduced rate massage and free chiropractic exam right away.