Stealth Grid Announces the Release of the Stealth Cloud Application for Consumers That Eliminates Data Breaches and Intrusions on All Devices

"You are at risk 24/7 in this always connected digital world!" Larry Castro, CEO. The new technology provides solutions for preventing massive data breaches like the recent iCloud, Home depot, Target and Health.Gov.

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 17, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Stealth Grid announces pre-registration for Stealth Clouding. The Stealth Grid products will provide consumers with complete control of their digital privacy, and security. The application creates an invisible digital footprint for consumers and enterprises. With the recent leaked nude celebrity photos consumers are cognizant of exposure to their online privacy.

Stealth Grid announces the release of the Stealth Cloud consumer application and the pre-registration on the website. The Stealth Clouding application breaks apart the data and separates it into smaller encrypted pieces to multiple locations. This creates an impenetrable architecture for consumer privacy, and will prevent hacking and cyber-attacks. Stealth clouding splits up the data before it leaves the users device, and if the data is intercepted or compromised, the stolen data would only represent an incomplete set of meaningless data. The technology provides private user security that allows only the user to put the pieces back together on their selected devices. Stealth Grid's goal is to create an invisible digital footprint for consumers in all digital interactions.

With the inherent openness of Wi-Fi and other wireless networks, along with the proliferation of mobile devices constantly seeking network connection data and privacy are constantly being exposed. The Wi-Fi, social media, and online activities has provided access to a huge volume of personal information on taxpayers' digital activities, health records, photos, credit card and e-payment transaction records.

Stealth Grid Corporation patented technology provides the consumer a solution that protects their digital privacy, data, financial & Identity in what they call an always-connected digital World. "You're at risk 24/7 in this always on digitally connected world; they can't steal what they can't see! Our 'Zero-Knowledge' privacy environment ensures only the user has access and control of their data. We will be the leading digital privacy and Security Company globally," says Larry Castro CEO.

In 2015 1st quarter Stealth Grid has reported they will be launching Stealth Grid Mobile Wallet along with Device-to-Device split encryption for transactions, and communications. This technology is the backbone for their invisible digital communications service. Consumers can go to the new site to pre-register for the new Stealth Clouding Application.

About- Stealth Grid Corporation management team works tirelessly to provide the best technology available to solve many of the new challenges brought by the tremendous growth of digital information and the collection of your digital foot print. Stealth Grid draws on their management's expertise in the DOD, Federal government and private sector. Our team provides solutions to protect your digital privacy, data, financial information & Identity theft in an Always-Connected Digital World.