$500,000 Prize Hacking Contest Prepared by GeekPwn to Attract Top White-Hat Hackers

Trustlook Teams Up With KEEN to Raise Awareness for IOT (Internet of Things) Device Security

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - October 01, 2014) - Trustlook Inc., an innovator in next-generation mobile security solutions, teams up with KEEN to host the GeekPwn Hacking Contest to raise security awareness for IOT (Internet of Things) devices in North America. The GeekPwn Challenge raised $500,000 in prizes for hacking contests in areas including Smart Vehicles, Smart Home Utilities, Smart Wearables, Smart Entertainment and Smart Phones/Tablets.

GeekPwn, the first worldwide security contest for smart devices geeks, is on the lookout for the best of people who are interested in exploring IOT vulnerabilities -- in order to provide a more secure world. For the contest, Trustlook provides various IOT devices such as Google Glass, smart watches, Amazon fireTV, Xbox Ones, Parrot UAV quadrocoptors, and others. It offered a freestyle stage for geeks to compete in the contest both on and for these prizes.

"According to Trustlook's safety research, data from analysis of thousands of mobile devices and hundreds of well-known and popular mobile applications for the past year, it is clear that the time for smart devices and applications is imminent," explained Allan Zhang, CEO of Trustlook. "There is no smart product without vulnerabilities -- and now it is now impossible to ignore the existence of those vulnerabilities. More than ever it is imperative to detect and correct them as early as possible. We hope that more people will realize the importance of device security and join us in building a more secure world."

As an innovative company which provides up-to-date mobile security solutions to Android users, Trustlook continues to move forward towards its vision of creating a more secure lifestyle for users. Most recently, Trustlook released two emergency protection apps, Privacy Disaster Scanner (http://goo.gl/mDbia5) and Shellshock Scanner (http://goo.gl/CIP5Nq), which help Android users to mitigate the brand new risks.

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Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, Trustlook is a global leader in next-generation mobile security solutions. Trustlook pioneers and provides the first APT (advanced persistent threat) mobile security platform to detect and address zero-day and advanced malware. The Trustlook team consists of security industry veterans. For more information, please visit www.trustlook.com.

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