Authentify Named One of the 20 Most Promising Educational Tech Solution Providers

CIO Review Recognizes Voice Biometrics as Valuable for Identity Verification of Students Enrolled in Online Courses

Chicago, Illinois, UNITED STATES

CHICAGO, Oct. 22, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Authentify has been named one of the "20 Most Promising Educational Tech Solution Providers" for its innovative and cost-effective identity verification solutions in use at many educational institutions around the country. The honor was recently bestowed by CIO Review, a technology magazine that focuses on sharing innovative enterprise solutions.

Not long ago, a student could use an assigned username and password to access coursework on university networks, and that method of security was sufficient.

Alan Dundas, vice president of Product Strategy for Authentify, said, "Colleges and universities are re-evaluating security protocols due to the increased popularity of online education, as well as the increase in cyberthreats. These institutions must be able to verify that online courses are being used by registered students."

A 2008 reauthorization of the Higher Education Opportunity Act changed the provisions for ensuring that students completing coursework online are the same students receiving credit for the work. A recent article in Campus Technology cited that during the past five years, enrollment in online classes increased by 96 percent, which is outpacing campus enrollment at traditional postsecondary institutions. The trend is being driven, in part, by the increased popularity of mobile technology and readily available Internet connectivity.  

The downside to increased Internet connectivity is an increased risk of cyberattacks against university and student data. The Privacy Rights Clearing House, which maintains a chronological record of data breaches, states that nearly 4 million educational records were breached between 2013 and present-day 2014. To mitigate frequent threats, Authentify's user authentication services help universities make sure registered students are paired correctly to their online identities through the use of voice biometrics and a phone call. Authentify's solution also provides strong protection against hackers and unauthorized remote users.

Authentify will demonstrate this technology at the 20th annual Online Learning Consortium International Conference, Oct. 29-30, 2014 at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, Fla. Visit booth #420 to learn more.

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Founded in 1999, Authentify delivers intuitive and consistent multi-factor authentication services that are intuitive, dependable, and multi-layered to protect user accounts or key information from unauthorized access. Where many authentication techniques are powerless when legitimate credentials are wielded by hackers and imposters, Authentify succeeds. Certainty is powerful. Make certain with Authentify.

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