Optimal Blue and Mortgage Coach Enter Technology Partnership

Integration Announced at 2014 MBA Annual, Will Deliver Fast, Accurate Loan Advice to Homebuyers and Realtors

PLANO, TX--(Marketwired - November 05, 2014) - Optimal Blue, the premier cloud-based provider of enterprise lending solutions to the mortgage industry, including Product Eligibility and Pricing Services, recently announced its technology partnership with Mortgage Coach, an industry innovator in the development of mobile applications.

In leveraging the experience of Mortgage Coach, Optimal Blue will empower lenders with the ability to easily create graphic-rich, video-enhanced loan comparisons from within Optimal Blue, all at the click of a mouse. Not only will the customer experience be significantly enhanced, but added value will be gained in regard to compliance, control, transparency and speed to the lending process.

"By integrating Mortgage Coach directly into the Optimal Blue platform, real-time, consistent and transparent product and pricing options are presented clearly to borrowers and realtors, whether on phone, tablet, or even in person," said Mark Coupland, VP of Business Development for Optimal Blue. "This integration not only enhances the consumer experience, but it's a mechanism that lenders can utilize to better ensure that borrowers are getting presented with the proper mortgage options consistently, accurately, and in real-time". Jerra Ryan, VP of Compliance at Cherry Creek Mortgage, added, "With this one of a kind integration, loan officers have the power to convey loan options interactively and avoid double entry, saving time and reducing errors."

With the upcoming TILA-RESPA integrated disclosure rules, mortgage professionals will soon be required to talk about the cost of the loan over five years. Optimal Blue and Mortgage Coach have ensured that professionals remain at the forefront of the industry, ready for that detailed conversation today. Moreover, the use of modern visuals that mirror an app experience undoubtedly help ensure that both benefits and costs are easily understood by all parties involved.

True borrower education that is made possible through this partnership can be viewed on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, as well as via standard desktop. In addition, loan options that originated within Optimal Blue can now be seamless for the originator, homebuyer and realtor on mobile devices anywhere.

Customer service and building strong realtor relationships depend on mortgage professionals being able to go from price to compliance advice, as easily as possible. The partnership between Optimal Blue and Mortgage Coach will provide every professional the means to illustrate loan comparisons clearly and quickly.

About Optimal Blue
Optimal Blue is a cloud-based provider of managed-content, product eligibility, pricing (PPE), secondary marketing, point-of-sale and compliance technology and services. Based in Plano, Texas, Optimal Blue has developed an enterprise class suite of products and services designed to automate a lender's complex processes, improving efficiency and profitability while gaining a competitive advantage. 

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About Mortgage Coach 
Founded in 1997, Mortgage Coach develops innovative desktop and mobile applications that empower mortgage professionals to provide valuable insights and custom reports that deliver absolute clarity around the loan decision. Tens of thousands of top rated and service focused professionals in America have adopted the Mortgage Coach philosophy to help millions of families make confident mortgage decisions. www.mortgagecoach.com.

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