Unplugged Performance Brings New Developments to SEMA With Extensively Redesigned Tesla

The Model S Gets a Face Lift and Slew of New Upgrades

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Nov 5, 2014) - Today, Unplugged Performance, a pioneer in Tesla Model S tuning, debuts their highly anticipated and freshly redesigned Model S at the SEMA trade show. The car features a completely new front end image, a complete overhaul of the interior, revised lighting, revised suspension, revised braking, upgraded wheels and enhanced aerodynamics.

The first thing viewers will notice is that the Tesla factory oval plastic nosecone is changed to a wider and more aggressive design in carbon fiber. The bumper itself is an exercise in form following function with a priority on retaining cooling, ground clearance and aerodynamic efficiency. Despite the sharp modern looks, the bumper quietly integrates a ram air ducting system that feeds four factory integrated motorized cooling louvers which assist the car's cooling systems. The factory fog lights are carried over as well with day time running lights that follow the contours of the bumper. More than 10 individual components in total are included to ensure that the front fascia does all of these things as a cohesive integrated system.

Unplugged dispensed with nearly all of the original Tesla innards as well. The interior was gutted and completely reimagined for higher performance and more luxurious grade materials. Inside, a wide range of upcoming Unplugged products are seen for the first time in prototype form. Firstly there are a pair of Unplugged's upcoming retrofit sport seats that provide increased lateral support for enthusiastic driving. The seats, like the rest of the interior, are refinished bespoke for this vehicle in eco-friendly Italian Alcantara with custom stitch work. Unplugged's upcoming luxury floor mats also are shown for the first time, featuring plush Rolls Royce carpet and Ferrari leather detailing finished off by a Tesla emblem. The rest of the cabin has also been replaced by the same high end materials. Custom details on the interior are everywhere and hint at future product releases for Tesla owners to enjoy.

Unplugged's Sports Headlights are also installed on the demonstration car and are easily identified by their black interior housings. Beyond the sportier looks, drivers will benefit from increased performance as the lights utilize special Unplugged projector lenses that sharpen the light cutoff and enhance night time visibility.

The Model S features a set of the recently announced Unplugged Performance 21" UP-01 wheels which are a collaboration wheel with partner BBS. The wheels are mounted with Toyo Tires and utilize multiple Unplugged prototype suspension components as well as Unplugged's uprated sports brake pads to improve the car's driving dynamics.

"In current form the vehicle illustrates a direction of things to come from Unplugged," said Ben Schaffer Co-Founder of Unplugged Performance. "We created this car to shatter any preconceived notions of what a Model S should look like or feel like. We set out to take the high performance nature of the Model S and to elevate it to something much more special. We feel it is important to enhance the already great DNA that resides within every Tesla and so we work with it rather than try to change the car's already great character. As Unplugged continues its journey towards becoming THE tuner for Tesla, this vehicle is an important step towards a complete car that we feel would be suitable for Tesla showrooms."

Visit UnpluggedPerformance.com to learn more and access an entire gallery of high resolution photos. http://unpluggedperformance.com/press-images/ password: "media".

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Unplugged Performance is the world's first tuning company created exclusively for Tesla's Model S. Mercedes has AMG, BMW has M Performance and now Tesla has Unplugged Performance. Using their own Model S P85+ development vehicle, Unplugged produces an exclusive range of premium upgrades to give an enhanced identity to the Model S. Improving on perfection is no easy task and to do so Unplugged products are professionally designed, prototyped and manufactured in house in Hawthorne, California. Stand apart at the Supercharger with an Unplugged Performance equipped Model S.

Unplugged Performance is a division of Bulletproof Automotive, LLC.

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Unplugged Performance Tesla Model S Front Fascia Unplugged Performance Tesla Model S Debuts at SEMA with new front fascia and slew of new parts. The Unplugged Model S debuted a fully customized interior at SEMA. Unplugged Performance Sport Seats for Model S debut at SEMA. Unplugged Performance carbon fiber seat backs highlight fully customized Tesla interior. Unplugged Performance sport headlights improve light output and sharpen looks for Tesla Model S owne